How is this possible? Scientists have found Neanderthal among modern people

Как такое возможно? Ученые нашли неандертальцев среди современных людей

Not so long ago American scientists conducted a study and came to the conclusion that Neanderthals interbred with modern humans. The results of scientific work published in Nature Ecology&Evolution.

So, the researchers Fernando Villanua and Joshua Schreiber from the American University temple dismantled the distribution of fragments of Neanderthal DNA in the genomes of today’s inhabitants of the planet. For DNA analysis, they used the previously published sequence of the genomes from the project “1000 genomes”.

Как такое возможно? Ученые нашли неандертальцев среди современных людей

According to the results of the study revealed that the most probable was the model of double-crossing. First, Neanderthals interbred with humans of modern form, after they came out of Africa, and then again after they split into European and East Asian populations.

According to experts, these calculations allow us to exclude the model of “washing out” of Neanderthal genes from a population of ancient Europeans, as the main. In this case, most likely, this process affected different amounts of Neanderthal DNA in the genomes of Europeans and East Asian residents.

Как такое возможно? Ученые нашли неандертальцев среди современных людей

Earlier it was reported that us researchers have calculated that Neanderthals, contrary to the stereotype, were not aggressive ancient people. This is evidenced by not a large number of head injuries.

Recall that during excavations of ancient tombs in China, the researchers were able to find a copy of the Terracotta army in miniature. Scientists believe that the age of this find is 2100.

As reported by the portal Znayu archaeologists in the Egyptian city of Luxor have unearthed a tomb with mummies of the 13th century BC. The tomb contains the mummies of a priest and his wife, decorative sarcophagi, and a thousand of the figurines, color pictures and other valuables.

The portal also Znayu wrote that southern Egypt, archaeologists found the skeleton of a pregnant woman in good condition. The disposal of approximately 3,700 years. The discovery may shed light on the history of fertility and survival in the ancient world. Apparently, the mother and her child died during childbirth.


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