Hot Chloe Khan barely shoved a huge “watermelons” into the camera

Горячая Хлоя Кхан едва впихнула огромные "арбузы" в камеру

Chloe Khan

The popular 26-year-old British model, a Playboy Bunny, a participant of the show “X-factor” and Celebrity Big Brother, porn star Chloe Khan is actively engaged in his page in Instagram. It is worth noting that the girl has 1.5 million followers, which pleases the celebrity Nude pictures.

So, this time Chloe Khan showed another candid photo on which poses in pajamas, although this outfit can hardly be called pajamas. The kit consists of pink shorts, trimmed with black lace, and the same bra that barely holds silicone bust model. Girl photographed herself in the mirror on the phone somewhere in the room, she stands in a fluffy white carpet. On the face of Khan, oddly enough, almost no makeup, hair down and shoulders.

In the caption, Chloe Khan wrote: “in Bed” and noted the page of the online store which sells underwear and pajamas. That is, this photo girl advertises an outfit that’s on it. Note that fans of the Busty model was not indifferent to her new publications, and began to actively discuss this photo.

Earlier it was reported that Chloe Khan in the image of the Barbie played with her friends on camera. Model Chloe Khan showed another candid photo where posing in a pink latex dress, which clings to her figure and barely holds silicone breast. The girl came to the party together with her friends, also dressed in a short pink dress. The photos girls posing at a table with alcohol and having fun.

Judging from the caption to the photo, which has left the model, they visited Barbie party in honor of the birthday of one of the girls. And fans are willing to believe it, because a short pink dress Chloe really makes her look like Barbie. The girl’s hair dissolved, and in the ears huge earrings. On the face, as usual, a thick layer of plaster.

Earlier, we wrote that Chloe Khan went to the people only in the transparent bodice.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the huge Boobs of Chloe Khan fell from the invisible suit.

Also, the portal “Znayu” I wrote that huge balls of Chloe Khan jumped out of Topeka on the street.


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