Horoscope for the week: astrologers warned of the most dangerous days

Гороскоп на неделю: астрологи предупредили о самых опасных днях

Horoscope for the week will give the right guidance and help to hold the day for maximum benefit. Find out what the stars will be favorable and what not to do in the coming days. Horoscope for December 3-9, will put everything in its place.

Aries the stars will give higher empathy. You should use her to help the family. The week will be positive, particularly 6, 7 and 8 December.

From Taurus will be a stable week, but may not be particularly favorable. Neat should be December 8, to spend it alone and avoid conflict situations.

Гороскоп на неделю: астрологи предупредили о самых опасных днях

The twins will be a series of positive changes. A particularly favorable period will come 6 December. It is worth to give time to his family and not to forget the romantic encounters.

From Cancers the possible mood swings and disruption of plans. Especially careful should be 5 and 9 December. Never give up in your endeavors and believe in yourself. Spend more time surrounded by loved ones and dear people.

From Lviv peaceful productive week. Unreasonable experiences can appear on 8 December, is to drive them away.

For Virgos this week will be quite important. They will be the center of attention and therefore 3, 4 and 5 December they should protect themselves from someone else’s negative energy and only rely on their own strength, especially at work.

Libra may face fatigue, increased drowsiness. It is best in this period of decline forces of change. Socializing with friends and new acquaintances will help to get rid of emotional problems.

Scorpions waiting for a quiet week. However you should be careful with people and to narrow the circle in this period to the relatives.

Гороскоп на неделю: астрологи предупредили о самых опасных днях

The archers will be in energy equilibrium. They need to concentrate on what they want from life and to not miss opportunities. Grab the luck by the tail and use any chance at work and in love.

Capricorn a calm and happy week. Luck is on your heels and is present in every sphere of life.

Aquarius should be more careful 6 Dec. This day can manifest the worst traits. Other days it would be working on new projects and tasks.

The fish is to be patient and do everything with maximum consistency. It is better to pay attention to the problems of the family and loved ones.

Recall that the horoscope for the week: who will fail and who will walk in success.

As reported Know. ua, the signs of the Zodiac under the wing of a guardian angel.

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