Horoscope for December 6: who Tarot cards promise success, and who need to beware

Гороскоп на 6 декабря: кому карты Таро обещают успех, а кому нужно остерегаться

Can the stars determine what will be waiting for you tomorrow or in a few days. To accurately learn a prediction for the future is possible through the comparison of the astrological horoscope and Tarot card. What prepares the universe for you on 6 December?

Aries Is The High Priest

Everything, in what you believe and what you truly desire will come true. This is your way. Map of the high Priest means an unshakable belief in yourself and your goals. Thursday, December 6, the Rams will be able to achieve complete harmony with each other. And confidence nothing can shake.

Taurus – Four Of Wands

Four of Wands is a card of peace. Peace and balance will follow the bulls throughout the day will bring you happiness and joyful emotions. In this period it is recommended to take care of family and loved ones. Now you really need them.

Gemini – Seven Of Wands

On Thursday the twins to surround the danger. Probably someone of the enemies ready to go to take decisive action. However, you are in a better position. The twins will be able to avoid all the traps, the main thing – to consider all their actions to chance.

Cancer – Ten Of Wands

Ten of Wands is a card of a bad mood. On this day, cancer will be disappointed. You just need to gather my thoughts and determine exactly what you want. Calm down and better put all the important things for another day.

Lion – Deuce Deniyami

This card means levity. On Thursday your actions can lead to negative consequences through carelessness. The lions touched some important detail that you are ready for anything. Well weigh all the decisions.

Virgo – The Magician

The virgins will manage that was not possible previously. Card Magician promises intellectual success, because it means mind. That is Thursday, December 6, you can get down to business, which will bring you success. Also look at the person who you care about. Perhaps all mutually and should make the first move.

Libra – Three Of Swords

The cards show that you make a decision on which long ranged. The three of Swords means a choice, contrary to the feelings. Libra could not decide on him, but that suggests the brain is right.

Scorpio – Five Denarii

Five denarii is a map of the crisis and anxiety. This is a time when you are unable to accurately determine their desires and priorities. However, one should not doubt yourself, just wait and everything will work out.

Sagittarius – Lovers

Tarot cards promise you a passionate day full of love and sincere emotions. Now you completely comfortable with your favorite person. Relax and enjoy it. Believe me, the feeling is mutual.

Capricorn – Six Of Wands

The map denotes the period of wealth, stability and confidence in the future. Will come to you the financial success that you have been waiting for and deserve. Despite the positive Outlook for the future, you will still have to go through some difficulties and obstacles.

Aquarius – a Dozen denarii

This card means victory, success, fame and “national recognition”. Aquarians finally found the meaning that had so long sought. It’s time to enjoy their achievements. Stop to consider himself a failure and feel the taste of victory.

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