Happy Together : the series of Harry Styles in great danger in the USA

Happy Together : la série d'Harry Styles en grand danger aux USA

Happy Together : the series of Harry Styles in great danger in the USA

You follow with pleasure the season 1 of Happy Together, the comedy produced by Harry Styles and inspired by his life ? No luck, it could soon be canceled by CBS due to low audiences.

Can we call Harry Styles and know about the failure ? The answer is “yes”. Don’t worry, the musical career of the singer is not in free-fall, but his story does not seem to excite many people. What is it ? From the series “Happy Together” that aired on CBS in the USA.

For those who do know may not be, this new sitcom is freely adapted from his life at a time when he had improvised a co-location with the famous producer/director Ben Winston, when he was at the peak of his fame with One Direction. And if the singer is not present on the screen (this is the actor Felix Mallard, who slips into the skin of his fictional version), it still remains one of the executive producers.

A series in danger

Unfortunately, in spite of a topic rather funny and a good cast (Damon Wayans Jr, Amber Stevens West), the comedy does not find its public. Thus, the audience declines in the weeks in the USA (it increased from almost 6 million viewers for its debut to 4.5 million for episode 9, even with a score of 4.1 million during episode 6), do not motivate them not CBS to continue the adventure.

A source at the Sun (so take with a grain of salt) said about it : “CBS has organized a huge event with the press last week, and Happy Together was not affected by the programming to come for the beginning of next year. It was a real shock. They have confirmed that they are not ordered new episodes beyond the 13 episodes originally planned“.

Still a hope

However, all is not yet lost and a season 2 would still be possible. According to some sources, CBS has not yet taken a final decision and could wait until 2019 to reflect on its future. After all, the series on the seasons of 13 episodes are becoming more common currently, as they allow a larger bearing to the tv. Nevertheless, while the string would be disappointed to see the singer does not want to appear in the series after having previously snubbed its promotion, it is difficult to imagine him making such a gift…


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