Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of the espionage German speaking too

Hans-Georg Maassen, le chef de l'espionnage allemand qui parlait trop

With a passion for order, the head of the domestic intelligence German Hans-Georg Maassen, who was forced Tuesday to the resignation was, above all, sowed the chaos up in the government and the disorder on its links with the extreme right.

“The duties of the president of the Office for the protection of the Constitution will be re-allocated. Mr Maassen will be the future secretary of State in the ministry of the Interior,” announced the government in a terse statement.

Fascinated by the Far East, married to a Japanese, the lawyer of today’s 55 year olds will fall down after you put in doubt in the most popular newspaper in Germany, Bild, the authenticity of a video, widely broadcast by the major media. And this without being able to bring evidence.

You could see hooligans attacking foreigners during a demonstration of the extreme right in Chemnitz, which has shocked Germany.

His statements were the last straw, especially for the social democratic party which has called for the head of this man already very criticized for his relationships inferred with the extreme right.

His dismissal was finally decided late Tuesday after a crisis meeting between the partners of the fragile ruling coalition, and Angela Merkel.

– “Frustration” –

An output bit glorious for this public servant who has done almost all his career at the ministry of Interior described as a defender of the law and order.

Called in 2012 to the head of the secret services and the interior, Hans-Georg Maassen must restore the image of an agency discredited for its negligence in the case belonged to a neo-nazi murderer (NSU).

He then said ” feel “as the director of the urban construction, after the second world War, Cologne,” of which there were only ruins, reminds the newspaper.

He undertook the modernization of federal Office for protection of the Constitution, whose head office is located in this city of the west. The fight against cyber-terrorism becomes a priority.

And he also likes to invite in the political life, giving advice, throwing warnings there. The shade is not for him, he appreciates the light in the media.

In 2015, one who in his phd thesis in 1997 was already warned against uncontrolled immigration, arises in the critic of the policy of Angela Merkel, who opens the Germany of hundreds of thousands of migrants.

And nourishes since “frustration” vis-à-vis the policy that is deemed too generous to the chancellor, highlights the weekly Der Spiegel.

– Liaisons dangereuses –

Hans-Georg Maassen talks about the risks of terrorist attacks, 1,900 people suspected of links with the movement that is jihadist.

In December 2016, the Tunisian Anis Amri, a failed asylum seeker, but who had disappeared from the radar of the authorities, killing 12 people in an attack on the truck aries in Berlin. Its services are again suspected of negligence.

According to several media outlets, Mr. Maassen has lied in claiming that the agency had not double agents in the circles close to Anis Amri, while the two attended the same mosque as the Tunisian.

His meetings with leaders of the Alternative for Germany (AfD, far right) revealed in a book by a former militant of the party at the end of July, is disturbing also.

The public television station ARD has claimed that he had transmitted information is still confidential to a member of the AfD Stephan Brandner on suspected islamists, and on the budget of the intelligence services.

Maassen has formally denied this information and has recently claimed to have had five discussions with members of the AfD since he took up his duties as against 237 with leaders of other political parties.


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