Handball : Montpellier outclassed in Rhein Neckar (37-27)

Handball : Montpellier surclassé à Rhein Neckar (37-27)

Hard, hard for Vincent Gérard (9 stops) and in Montpellier.

Led end-to-end, the MHB is logically inclined among the Germans of the Rhein Neckar region, this Wednesday evening at the 7th day of the Champions League, despite 10 goals from Richardson. A 6th defeat in the form of a rout that leaves them mired in last place of the group before receiving these same Germans in a week at the Arena of Montpellier.

Swept Wednesday in the room of Rhein Neckar Löwen (37-27), Montpellier, taking the title of the champions League, handball, ended the first phase with only one point and no success in seven matches, and will not be entitled to a lot of mistakes if he wants to qualify for the final phase. The Montpellier are last in their group, tied with the Swedish Kristianstad, in which they have not managed to win last week despite six goals lead (29-29).

To rise in the final phase, the team of Patrice Canayer has to leave two opponents behind her, Kristianstad, therefore, and probably the Belarusian Brest, because the other five teams are already almost out of reach. It must first be hoped that these, in advance of three points, do not prevail at home against the Polish Kielce this weekend, otherwise they would be remote of the five points.

In Mannheim, one of the strongholds of the Bundesliga, the MHB has never done illusion Wednesday, despite the efforts of Melvyn Richardson, their best player (10 goals). After seven minutes, there was already 5 to 1 for the “Lions”, who have always kept a mattress in advance. Montpellier will start the phase back by receiving Rhein Neckar next Wednesday. A reaction would be welcome because of the success on the two direct competitors may not be sufficient to avoid elimination.


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