Handball : in the face of Toulouse, Nîmes, france wants to prevent the return of flame

Handball : face à Toulouse, Nîmes veut éviter le retour de flamme

The vice-captain nîmes inhabitants O’brian Nyateu made his return in the group.

The Face of Fenix Toulouse, ill, Nimes found the Starligue and ambitions for this Thursday evening at Parnassus, during the 8th day of D1.

The Fenix wants to be reborn from its ashes. Before-last of Starligue, Toulouse has not won a single game championship. A delicate situation, before presenting this Thursday at Parnassus. “For the past two years, the Fenix makes us of the miseries, wants to remind the coach nîmes inhabitants, Franck Maurice, referring to the defeats 33-35 in may and 22-27 in 2016. But this season, we took the habit of changing habits.”

The group

Desbonnet, Paul (g.), Dupuy, Garain, Prandi, Brasseleur, Tobit, Nyateu, Suty, Rebichon, Gerard, George, Sanad, Gallego, Nieto, Salou.

To turn off the possible rebirth of this legendary bird, the Sgv has everything planned during these three weeks of truce. And, in particular, to a day of immersion with the firemen of le Grau-du-Roi. The program : year of launches, trimming of the cockpit of a car, or extraction of an apartment covered in soot.

A truce beneficial

The nîmes protestants have largely retained “their investment and their spirit of competitors, leading coach Maurice. We also dressed our wounds and got our wounded (Rebichon, Nyateu and Prandi, ED.) This truce has helped to bring back the freshness of physical and mental. The intensity of the boys in training is very satisfactory. They were eager to return to the competition.”

If the nîmes inhabitants have earned their last meeting of the championship against Tremblay (7th day, 35-29), they remain, however, two setbacks at home against Chambéry (6th day, 27-32) and Nantes (30-37 in 8th finals of the League Cup). Always ambitious but suspicious, the Sgv wants to keep us in the Top 5 and keep a substantial lead on the Saint-Raphaël (6th), Dunkirk (7th) and Tremblay (8th), all at seven points. It is still necessary to extricate himself from the trap gignac.

Mistrust about the beginning of the season to Toulouse

“It is not necessary to rely on the classification of the Fenix, which ensures the half-centre O Brian Nyateu. All of his defeats are on short spreads. Toulouse has quality players in its workforce.” An analysis confirmed by its president David Tebib : “This game is a real trap. Toulouse is in survival mode. As all the beasts were wounded, they are dangerous. Now, if we want to settle long term in the Top 5, you have to win.”

In this month of November in four meetings, Nîmes has a status of favorite to assume in the face of evil classified as Toulouse and Istres or against the contenders for a european place, Aix-en-Provence and Dunkerque. The opportunity to know if the Usamistes have matured since last season.


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