Gringe in interview : “My relationship to the music is painful”

Gringe in interview : “My relationship to the music is painful”

After a first part focused on the end Crackers Flowters, the design of “Moon Child” and his relationship with his sidekick, Gringe is book today on the collaborations of his first solo album (Vald, Léa Castel, Orelsan, Nemir, Diamond Deuklo…) and about his career in film in the interview with PRBK.

After several years spent alongside Orelsan, Gringe now flies with its own wings with his first album entitled “Moon Child” : a debut album of intimate, dark, and very personal. The rapper tells in particular the story of his Schizophrenic brother in the sublime song “Scanner” : “there are times where I was worn out morally and physically. At the beginning, I was very single for this album“, he confessed in an interview with PRBK. Gringe has finally managed to build a team and surround yourself with very good artists.

Vald is someone who stimulates me

William Sharp, of his real name, has obviously invited his sidekick Orelsan on his opus, but this new collab’ was it obvious to him ? “Yes, this is Orelsan or Deuklo for example. These are friends that are very close, I consider them almost like the people in my family. Already with ‘Memo’, the intro of the album, I wanted to pass through the universe, Crackers Flowters mine. It was important that I have this piece with references to the pieces of the Thugs and with the voice of the Eagle samplée (…) As these are people who have been a part of my life and who continue to be a part of it, it was quite normal for them to be on the album, “explains the actor of 38 years.

In addition to the interpreter of “Basic”, Gringe has invited Vald on the sound “better”, but how he had the idea of working with the rapper originally from Aulnay-sous-Bois ? “I dig the portrait, I dig the sounds, I dig the AD with which he sings. It is a little like his side-kick also, he has a talent monster (…) It is of the same artistic family and I was that it would be cool to have a piece of buddy (…) Vald is someone who makes me curious and that stimulates me, “said Gringe before you admit that his “encounter with Léa Castel has entirely altered the morphology of the album“.

The cinema allows me to reconnect with the outside

As you surely know, Gringe is an actor in addition to being a rapper : he has played in How it is away with Orelsan, Carbon with Benoît Magimel, Ticklish , and will be showing at The Time of the exit , and Damien wants to save the world (or Damien agrees) in January and march 2019.

The ex-member Crackers Flowters, therefore, has a beautiful RESUME, but would it be ready to quit music to devote himself to the cinema ? The answer is yes as he explains it to PRBK. “My relationship to music is much more painful. It is always very mental for me, to find me in the studio and immerse myself in the states sometimes painful to write out emotions. Conversely, the cinema allows me to reconnect with the outside world, to build strong links with the actors very quickly (…) But both give me two different things. The rap I don’t care, this is my way of expression and the music it and a vector of emotion that I find hard, but I have a deep respect for the cinema.

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