Greens decides how parks affect the health of citizens

Зелень решает: как парки влияют на здоровье горожан

Life in the green areas and close proximity to parks reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and early death.

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the Centre for diabetes and obesity University of Louisville, analyzed the cardiovascular health of more than 400 people, reports the Daily Mail.

Зелень решает: как парки влияют на здоровье горожан

Then the ecologists measured the level of “vegetation” and air quality in homes, using NASA satellite images.

Of course, people living in green areas or in walking distance from a public Park, could boast of a more healthy heart and blood vessels, and also less likely to suffer from stress.

Supervision applicable to all population groups regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, use of statins and even Smoking.

Experts argue that the results of the study emphasize the importance of access to green spaces. Particularly for urban residents, who are at increased risk of developing heart disease due to stress and poor nutrition.

Зелень решает: как парки влияют на здоровье горожан

This study is the first that focuses on the relationship between green spaces and health of the heart.

For the past five years, the research group observed health indicators 408 people from the clinic University of Louisville, presenting different age, ethnic and socio-economic strata of the population.

All of them were heart issues in one form or another.

Each volunteer had to pass tests of blood and urine before undergo physical treatment to measure biomarkers of damage to blood vessels and cardiovascular risk.

Taking into account all factors, ecologists have identified a strong link between green areas and health of the heart.

Scientists believe that these data should be considered in the future to create a healthy infrastructure in the cities.

Зелень решает: как парки влияют на здоровье горожан

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