Google Maps steal Bank account: how to escape

Google Maps воруют банковские счета: как спастись

Scammers have learned to use Google Maps for our own enrichment, giving out with their help of support staff of banking organizations. Operated the scheme proved so simple and effective that potential victims are contacted by scammers, which allows to avoid “cold” calls and thereby increasing the probability to get the credentials to access your Bank account. Therefore, we goodness has enriched the pockets of criminals and con artists, and naive users of the service were left without money.

Google Maps воруют банковские счета: как спастись

Described fraudulent scheme is most prevalent in India but with varying degrees of successfully used in other countries, including in Russia. It consists in the fact that absolutely anyone can call themselves an owner of an enterprise, including banking organizations, and to change the contact phone that appears in Google Maps, your. The bad news is that Google does not control the information that is inserted by regular users that can do it absolutely legally. To avoid this trick, we recommend you to visit only trusted websites of banks, and they have to find a contact number to contact customer service.

Google Maps воруют банковские счета: как спастись

Recall that Google introduces a new service for Ukrainians. Now online shopping will become a lot easier, and even inexperienced user will be able to purchase a product or service on the Internet. No longer have to enter the data of your credit card, fearing for the safety of their own savings in the Bank.

Earlier Znayu reported that Apple is leaking the patent for the appearance of future iPhone 2019. Judging by the images, the device will be updated back panel, which will sparkle in the sun. Similar technology has introduced Huawei in their smartphones, and that’s what attracted users. Apple Corporation has decided to go the same way, and capture a huge audience who did not like the previously colors iPhone.

Znayu wrote that the fingerprint scanner has been hacked. Security experts have learned to hack any smartphone that has the scanner. Now, all hope for the scanner face, which still provides reliable protection against burglars and intruders.


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