Google has introduced a button of the 4G phone for $7

Google представила кнопочный 4G-телефон за $7

Almost all modern smartphones have support for LTE and voice assistant Google Assistant, except for the budget models. However, the good Corporation decided to break these stereotypes, and introduced 4G-gadget WizPhone WP006 that cost less than $ 10. Surprisingly, the smartphone doesn’t look very cheap. Yes, it is not even the functions that have budget smartphones, but as for push-button telephones is a good model.

Google представила кнопочный 4G-телефон за $7

Unlike most 4G devices, Wizphone WP006 will cost the owner only $ 7 (about 200 USD).

The device works under control of operating system KaiOS, which is designed to push and budget smartphones. In addition, the phone has a special button to launch the Google Assistant. It can be used to give the apparatus various voice commands: for example, to make calls, send messages and play music and videos.

Google представила кнопочный 4G-телефон за $7

In addition, the novelty supports the installation of clients ‘ Facebook and WhatsApp for KaiOS, so you can stay connected with friends online.

Recall that the Korean company Samsung has again disgraced before the public. This time, she was caught in a blatant lie to users. It is reported that Samsung has launched an advertising campaign for the new smartphone. In the is flashed quality picture allegedly taken with the new smartphone. Actually, the photo was taken with a professional camera, and even found the photographer.

Earlier Znayu reported that soon the market the smartphone can break a new smartphone from Xiaomi, it is Noted that it will be a Mix Xiaomi Mi 3s, which will receive the technology slider. Among other things, the device will receive as much as 12 GB of RAM, and a triple main camera, and dual front.

Znayu wrote that the Korean company Samsung is preparing to release as much as 2 new smartphones. However, these models are only middle class, so nothing interesting of itself is almost not present.


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