Giant rats flooded the center of Kiev, people are shocked

Гигантские крысы заполонили центр Киева, люди шокированы

In the center of the Ukrainian capital, passers-by noticed a very disgusting situation. So, on the street Yaroslaviv Val Kiev 14/2 took video of a whole pack of rats. Carriers of the infection settled in an abandoned building directly opposite the hotel Radisson Sas.

Гигантские крысы заполонили центр Киева, люди шокированы

The author of the video Stanislav said that rats were very many, and they didn’t pay attention to the people. This became known through the story of one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

Гигантские крысы заполонили центр Киева, люди шокированы

“Never seen so many rats. They were just huge and were not afraid of us. I had the impression that, if you offer them food, they won’t be afraid to take it. We are in shock from what he saw,” – said Stanislav Ukrainian journalists.

Kiev officials do not comment and asked to send an information request to the Directorate of Gospodarevskaya in the capital. The answer will be published if received.

Гигантские крысы заполонили центр Киева, люди шокированы

It is worth Recalling that in the United States raging element. A powerful tornado claimed the lives of dozens of people and destroyed many homes. In recent days three more victims were in the hospital. In General, due to a tornado in the us state of Illinois have suffered at least 21 people. It is reported by CNN. In addition, the element is completely or partially destroyed more than 100 homes. According to the Governor of the state Bruce Rohner, three victims are in hospital, and another 18 received minor injuries.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that on Wednesday, October 10, it became known that Los Angeles was struck by a massive epidemic of typhus. Among infected there are already more than 50 people. The doctors believe that feral cats and rats carry this disease.

Thus, representatives of the health departments of Hollywood have officially confirmed that the disease is spreading in the city and surrounding area. At the moment there are 57 cases of infection with the bacterial infection and at least 9 of them in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

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