Geneva : a pink diamond could break records price

Genève : un diamant rose qui pourrait battre des records de prix

The Pink Legacy has long belonged to the Oppenheimer family.

A pink diamond exceptionally close 19-karat gold, the Pink Legacy, will be auctioned on Tuesday, 13 November in Geneva by Christie’s, for a price estimated at between 30 and 50 million dollars.

“His weight is 18,96 carats precisely. When you know that most pink diamonds weigh less than one carat, it is therefore a weight quite considerable,” says Jean-Marc Lunel, international expert for jewellery at Christie s. “You should know that it is quite extraordinary and it is probably the most beautiful ever presented at public auction. So all hopes are allowed for the sale of this stone on Tuesday.”
This pink diamond “fancy vivid”, the highest grade of colour intensity, belonged to the Oppenheimer family, which has ruled for several decades, the De Beers mining company. It comes from a mine in South Africa, was carved a long time ago, its discovery dates back to a century, but it has not been resized since”, according to Jean-Marc Lunel.

A “domino” discovered there nearly a century ago

“Imagine a domino which you would have to cut the corners… Its size is quite classic, that we call the emerald cut, while most of the diamonds cut today have sizes changed with more facets,” notes the expert of the auction house, which estimates the value of the stone is between 30 and 50 million dollars (from 26.5 and 44.1 million€).

The range may seem very important but “it is true that there are no odds for these diamonds because of their rarity, noted Mr. Lunel. A historic record was achieved on the international diamond market in November when Christie’s sold “The Pink Bride”, a pink diamond fancy vivid oval a little less than 15 carats of 32,48 million.


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