Gard rhone valley : theft of fuel

Gard rhodanien : encore des vols de carburant

Thefts of fuel are recognized throughout the year in the company of gendarmerie of Bagnols-sur-Cèze.

Three new flights of fuels have been reported in three weeks in business. A recurring phenomenon.

“We cannot speak of an upsurge in”, says captain Eric Urena, deputy company commander of gendarmerie in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. We found three flights of fuel in three weeks. But it is a form of delinquency that we see year round.”

Investigations are underway for these misdeeds. So far, they have not helped to identify the perpetrators. But nothing says that it is the same each time.

These thefts of fuel have been committed along the major axis, that is to say, the RD 580 (route de Bagnols in Nîmes) and the RD 6086 (Bagnols Avignon). The targets are businesses, particularly bus transportation.

“We remain attentive,” adds the officer. With the holidays approaching the end of the year, if fuel prices continue to increase, the flights may be a tendency to multiply.”


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