Gard : immersions night in the heart of the Cevennes national park

Gard : immersions nocturnes au coeur du parc national des Cévennes

Nights of the Cevennes, available in bookstores since October 31.

The national park of the Cevennes and the editions du Rouergue publishing Nights of the Cevennes, a book for the eyes, but not only. A book that will be presented this Saturday afternoon, in Vigan, in the framework of the Eco-dialogue.

One hundred and sixty pages offer a rare look at the national park of the Cevennes. Since 31 October, the magnificent book Nights of the Cevennes, published by the national Park of the Cevennes and the editions of the Rourgue, is available in bookstores. A book that combines a few sounds by means of a pictogram, photographs, and five contributions to the literary. It is an immersion unexpected in the nights cévenoles, from dusk to dawn, season after season.

A presentation this Saturday afternoon

In the framework of the event the Eco-dialogue, which takes place until Saturday night in Vigan, a formal presentation of the book is organized from 17 hours, in the auditorium of the city school André Chamson. This presentation will take place in the presence of the contributors to the book : Jean-Paul Salasse (co-president of the Ecologists of the Euzière and president of the SEED Languedoc-Roussillon), Samuel Challéat (researcher in geography and environment), Guillaume Cannat, science journalist, photographer and astronomy enthusiast, the photographer Sébastien Galtier, the director of the PNC, Anne Legile, and the vice-chairman of the board of directors of the PNC and president of the union of electrification of the Gard, Roland Canayer.

A conference-debate to 18 hours

Will also follow, to 18 hours, a conference-debate on the beauty of the starry skies in the Cevennes, one of the areas still preserved from the light pollution. A conference hosted by Guillaume Cannat, and which will also take place in the auditorium. It should be noted that in various places of the city of Vigan, until 15 November, the photographs of landscapes and starry-Cévennes are exposed.

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