Gang rape filmed in Toulouse : a fifth man indicted

Viol en réunion filmé à Toulouse : un cinquième homme mis en examen

The suspect surrendered to police.

A fifth man, suspected to be a co-author of the rape of a young girl in mid-September, near Toulouse, and whose images had been circulated on the social networks, has been indicted Friday and placed in custody, it was learnt on Saturday from justice source.

This is a “individual has attained the age of twenty years”, a-t-on learned from the public prosecutor of Toulouse, Dominique Alzeari. According to the daily newspaper La Dépêche du Midi, the man, on the run, surrendered himself to the constables. Now, five men were indicted and arrested in this case of gang rape.

The incident took place on 16 September in the car park of a nightclub in Balma, near Toulouse. At least two videos showing the rape had been circulated on the social networks, before being blocked by the platform Pharos of the ministry of the Interior dedicated to the tracking of illegal content circulating on the internet.

In the videos, you could see the victim, 19-year-old, suffer the assaults of four men between the ages seemingly twenty years. The victim had lodged a complaint that two of the facts. Since then, it has constituted a civil party.


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