From the heart to the sun: in Google Maps, a building with a swastika

От сердца к солнцу: в Google Maps появились здания со свастикой

Users of Google Maps around the world noticed that the service designates the selected hotels by using the icon of a swastika. Microblogger began to complain of the swastika on November 30. Icons appeared over the buildings in London, Dublin and hotels in American cities.

От сердца к солнцу: в Google Maps появились здания со свастикой

Users have noticed that a swastika marked not only small hotels, but the hotels and large international chains such as the Sheraton. Users have been unable to find a reason for this action, and turned to Google for explanations. Some noted that at first could not believe their eyes and restart the app on your smartphone. However, when I opened it again, the swastika has not disappeared.

Google explained that with the icon of the swastika, counterclockwise, denote Buddhist temples, writes Mashable. The representative of the Corporation said that a religious symbol began to mark the hotel in error, on removing which work in the company. The swastika has many meanings, and Google chose the most harmless.

От сердца к солнцу: в Google Maps появились здания со свастикой

The swastika is an ancient symbol depicting a cross with curved corners. In Buddhism, the swastika, counterclockwise, is called manji and is considered a symbol of perfection. In addition, it means good luck.

Recall that the Xiaomi company continues to develop mobile gaming. The company plans to produce not only smartphones, but other devices which increase the comfort of the game. We are talking about a gaming headset. However, instead of the usual 3.5 mm Jack plug, the company will introduce a device with a yield Type-C, which is undoubtedly great news for those who love mobile gaming.

Earlier Znayu reported that, as it turned out, the Korean Corporation Samsung have rats. It is reported that the secret information of the company fell into the hands of party people. Most likely, the information passed from the company.

Znayu wrote that the company, which is the Creator of GTA V, refuses to continue his project, which is expected by millions of gamers worldwide. We are talking about the game Agent, which was previously a fairly ambitious project. Previous game appeared on the shelves in 2009, and it was exclusive to consoles.


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