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Tribune sur l'Europe - "Ne cherchons pas autre part qu’en nous-mêmes"

The mpp Christine Revault of Allonnes Bonnefoy chairs the group of socialists in the european parliament.

President of the socialist group in French to the european Parliament, the mep Christine Revault of Allonnes Bonnefoy evokes the key to the rebound for Europe.

In Germany, regional elections in the German state of Hesse, 28 October, confirmed those of Bavaria. Left and right lose a lot, for the benefit of the national-populist AfD, which now sit in all the Länder of the country. These elections also saw the
breakthrough of the ecologists that appear in the value of the objecting democratic : a vote against the extreme right and the parties of the system, these Green refused, and a few months ago to go at the end of the negotiations with the CDU and liberals. Those Greens who did, in this Land, their entry for the first time in a regional government, under the leadership of Joschka Fischer in the mid 80’s. Fischer and Cohn-Bendit led in effect the Greens to switch to the forced march of the comfortable posture of protest hairy in the enviable position of leaders capable of influencing the power in being closer to the power.

Decline of traditional training

The experts of Germany see in the Hesse territory, which often announces the national trends. The decline of traditional formations for the benefit of the extreme right and the ecologists remind us of the european elections of 2009, which already had seen a great breakthrough of the ecologists, in particular French. Voting green appears to be both a sort of safe haven for democrats who want to block the road to the national-populist without meeting a vote left or right – and as a desire to bring more high requirement of the defence of life and preservation of the planet.

But here we must restore the truth. This requirement and this desire to capture the environmental challenges are also ours, and since several years already. Yes, with my colleagues, deputies French socialists in the european Parliament, we have acclaimed the success of the Paris Conference on the Climate but most of all we have ceased to legislate with tenacity to ensure that these principles become our standards.

The environmental challenge

Without a trace all the battles back on the last few days. We won the votes to be decisive in the european Parliament and the Council of member States will have to translate into actions to change the life of European citizens and contribute to building a society that is more responsible and more attentive to pollution, health, food and waste. For example, last October 24, the Parliament has adopted a text banning the objects in single-use plastic. You never imagined the journey of the straw you use to drink your soda at the cinema after that you will be coming back home ? Like millions of other objects, it does not recycle. We know that if we put
end-to-end the particles of plastic that we throw away as well, one could cover a continent !

The same week, my report on the road toll was adopted in Strasbourg translating the principles of user-pays and polluter-pays in acts. I want to encourage people to use their car with a increasing worry for the environment because there is an obvious impact
road transport on the environment. Now, the ball is in the camp of the european States. The fight will be tough, especially when you see how much the weight of the lobbies, and the lukewarmness of the officers can freeze advanced decisive action against the global warming.

But one does not loose anything ! The european socialists are committed to the revolution, social-ecological, where the protection of the planet does not oppose economic efficiency or social justice. Well, on the contrary, it is by converging the requirements of the three vertices of this equilateral triangle that we draw a european society which is benevolent and for the benefit of the greatest number.

It is neither more nor less than to save Europe

The challenge for the next european elections is there. We need to reach back to sense and the flesh to the democratic dimension of Europe. It is neither more nor less than to save Europe. But not just any Europe, and not at any price or any

The social democracy has for too long been associated with a right, which goes more to the right, to try to challenge the audience enjoyed the national-populism. The right, moreover, has always considered that the power was his private property, to the point of confusing his interests as demonstrated by the case Selmayr. The left, she must always have two obsessions democracy and social justice. And, I dare say, if it takes a period of time in opposition to regain the strength, he should not hesitate because when the left joins the right, without burdening and without win decisive victories, it weakens and it ends to convince his constituents that the compromise is more like a

If social democracy is demolished by the national-populism it is also because in the face of the forces of the market and the propertied, it has nothing subversive about it. It no longer offers to the peoples a social justice perspective. She found herself having to respond to
obsessions of identity, for example, not as it should be, but as the right and the extreme right the impose. She has got a taste for the power, coming finally to maintain, but it has lost the sense of the relationship of forces that it is necessary to engage with the conservative forces, now at top-speed connection with the social movement.

Trust the activists

In the report to the people, it is necessary to keep the essence, that is to say, to remain a popular movement without the use of the passions, and ever yielding to the facilities and to the over-simplistic abusive populism. There is no looking to the right or to the extreme left a new way to be self-same to the left. Similarly, the deprivation to get over yourself is a mistake.

The socialist Party is not to sell, but it has it in spades and we have the tenacity to rebuild patiently for our common home. The socialist Party and by extension the social-democracy can, and must, become once again the party of ordinary people, it is necessary to it to trust our activists, those who stayed and those who join us. It is with them that we will rebuild and our first project is the one of Europe, a Europe for Europeans, a Europe at the service of equality.


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