Forum Futurapolis, to “Allow citizens access to the research”

Forum Futurapolis, pour "Permettre aux citoyens d’accéder à la recherche"

Forum Futurapolis, pour "Permettre aux citoyens d’accéder à la recherche"

Philippe Saurel has made health one of its priorities.

Published on 10/10/2018 at 20:02
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Health, Occitania, Science and technology

Philippe Saurel, president of the Metropolis of Montpellier, details the interest of Futurapolis.

► Why a Futurapolis dedicated to the health to Montpellier ?

I was inspired by this event that exists in Toulouse to create a new pane that corresponds to Montpellier. We have chosen the theme of health which is a marker fort in the history of the city. We have dedicated to the medicine of the future, everything related to the cell therapy, regenerative medicine, genetics, but also the reproduction and the future of the human being. These conferences popularization of science are important in my eyes, because they allow the citizens to be able to access the research.

► Other partners accompany you this year…

After a first edition of the Futurapolis, who has made a box full, we have seen the coming of many players who will give even more momentum to this second edition. There will be first of over a dozen companies of Montpellier, researchers, doctors, and large medical institutions (university hospital, University, Mutuality), and finally new media (Midi Libre and France Inter, ED) which join The Point.

Little by little, gathers around Futurapolis a sum of actors and opinion formers which have a single purpose : to be able to transmit the scientific discovery, virtually in real time. And it’s all to promote the life of man, all that relates to the live better, live longer.

How Montpellier is an ecosystem that is favourable in terms of health ?

We have created an ecosystem which is called the Montpellier Capital Health. We have made from the contract we have with the State. We had, in the time of Manuel Valls, the Prime minister, and Jean-Michel Baylet, minister of Planning, signed a pact. We are the only ones at the national level have concluded this pact metropolitan innovation that is completely oriented towards the health. We obtained the State’s 11 Million euros in aid for innovative projects in health, which relate to both the private and public initiatives.

► What was the motivation ?

The ecosystem Montpellier Capital Health has been designed to the Metropolis, on the principle of the French Tech, that is to say, putting around the table all actors : public, private, researchers, hospital medicine, medical city, clinical… This ecosystem allows you to discuss projects that we support. This also allows us to imagine, gradually, the place of health in the city and the Metropolis, for years to come. It is a tool of governance.

Many start-ups are established on the territory of the city…

If we conquered two points on the unemployment rate in 2017, and the figures are good in 2018, it is because many enterprises are created in the sectors of digital technology and health. I remember that we have a BIC that is second world, In this incubator of innovation, a lot of companies working in health. This creates employment, wealth, but also of scientific knowledge. And to spread it among the general public, it had to be a receptacle. A mirror that can be filter out of the lab and that people would pick it up.

It is amazing, but people seem to have lost faith in science. Yet it is science that cures us, who heals us, which we operates, that prevents us from suffering. It is necessary to link those who seek in the labs with those using the science. Thus, an area of fantasies will be eliminated.

There is certainly need of popular beliefs, I know them well, having done my thesis on it, but it is not necessary that they guide the science. It must take its place. The doctor, the researcher, work for us, for our children. Futurapolis, it is almost a form of popular university on the health, living well and ageing well.


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