Forever young, forever beautiful: the top 5 secrets of Japanese women

Вечно молодая, вечно красивая: 5 главных секретов японок

Today, Japan ranks second in life expectancy: on average, the Japanese live 83.5 years, behind the leadership of Hong Kong (84). The modern inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun live much longer and look perfect, but about the forever young and amazing slim Japanese women and even legends!

When we hear the phrase “Japanese women”, often present cute girls with porcelain skin and beautiful hair. And so it is – the Japanese have long been famous for its beauty. It is reported by the Clutch.

How they manage to stay such a long time?

Вечно молодая, вечно красивая: 5 главных секретов японок

Perhaps you didn’t know about it before, but it’s time to reveal all the secrets. For those keen on the looks of Japanese girls, there are some interesting rules to care for themselves, here are some of them:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C for its antioxidant properties is often called the vitamin of youth and beauty. The daily diet of the Japanese consists of oranges which deoxidized and break down melanin. Vitamin C helps to remove dark spots and gives even skin tone.

Вечно молодая, вечно красивая: 5 главных секретов японок

It not only promotes the excretion of free radicals that contribute to aging, but the processes involved in the growth and development of connective tissue and collagen fibers, the lack of which the skin droops and takes unattractive.

Brand oil

Japanese women use branded oil for cleansing the face. You can use any natural and herbal.

In their formulas of Japanese cosmetics manufacturers skillfully combine natural ingredients with the latest achievements of science. Why Japanese makeup does not contain preservatives. As a basis, manufacturers often use an extract of porcine or equine placenta, peptides or plant extracts.

Вечно молодая, вечно красивая: 5 главных секретов японок

Their main diet includes fish, which the high content of omega-3. It contributes to the health and radiance of your skin. Fish oil provides incredible beauty and health of hair, skin and nails, helps in pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, prevents numerous diseases of the cardiovascular system, and even helps to fight obesity.

Вечно молодая, вечно красивая: 5 главных секретов японок

Oriental herbs help to combat dryness and improve the beauty of the face.

Green tea

Japanese people drink several cups of green tea every day. This helps to slow the aging process and keeps the skin young and elastic.

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