“For what is happening with Donetsk”: the legend of miner refused to go to Russia

"За то, что происходит с Донецком": легенда Шахтера отказался ехать в Россию

Former striker Shakhtar Donetsk Oleksiy Belik, who currently works as an expert on the TV channel “Football 1/2”, stated that he would not go to Russia under any circumstances:

“It is a question of the category “And here you are now going to play in Russia?” I’ll tell you what wouldn’t go, but tomorrow I’d offer a million dollars and what do you say? I feels like the execution.

So I say don’t go, for me, this country is closed because of what is happening in Donetsk. I will not go there under any circumstances. But it is while I have the chance to choose.

"За то, что происходит с Донецком": легенда Шахтера отказался ехать в Россию

But on the other hand, people will see an interview and say, “yeah, give him money, and that tomorrow will go.” You need to have an offer that I refuse or not.

"За то, что происходит с Донецком": легенда Шахтера отказался ехать в Россию

I’m not going to Russia. I have an opinion that someone might not like it, but for me, this country closed forever at all.”

The victory of Shakhtar in Mariupol

7th December in the framework of the 18th round of the Premier League of Ukraine Mariupol at home playing with Shakhtar.

In the first half, goals were not. Also the Mariupol team managed to contain the onslaught of “miners” in the first 15 minutes of the second half. But then the miner has shown a great performance in the interval from 62 to 70 minutes, three times sign at the gate of Rustam Khudzhamov.

The game ended with the score 0:3 in favor of the miner, who with 45 points secured the lead at the top of the standings of the Premier League. Mariupol with 24 points is on the 5th position.

Premier League of Ukraine. 18-first round

Mariupol – Shakhtar Donetsk – 0:3 (0:0)

Goals: Stepanenko, 62, Moraes, 64, Marlos, 70.

The Match Olimpik Vs Shakhtar

In the match of the Ukrainian championship Shakhtar vs Olimpik (2:2) the Pitmen’s forward Junior Moraes scored a goal from offside, and the goal was counted.

Head coach of Olympique Vyacheslav Shevchuk began brawling on the judging panel, trying to prove that the goal was unjust. In the end, the young coach was removed from the field.

After the match, the showdown continued. Ex-player of Shakhtar, Shevchuk and the Pitmen’s head coach Paulo Fonseca emotionally out of the relationship after the scandalous fight.

The victory of Shakhtar in Germany

27 November Nishime met Hoffenheim and Shakhtar Donetsk. The Pitmen managed to score two quick goals, thanks to goals from ismaily and taison on the 13th and 15th minutes. But the Germans also quickly one missed goal was score after the goal, Andrew Cramerica. Steven Zuber before the break and all returned to the status of the match parity.

"За то, что происходит с Донецком": легенда Шахтера отказался ехать в Россию

In the 59th minute, Shakhtar remained in the majority, as Adam Salai received a second yellow card. Ten men, Hoffenheim still attacked and feel confident, creating moment by moment. But the miner periodically snapped, which resulted in two rods in the performance of Tyson and Maicon. But Tyson still scored a brace after a cross from ismaily. The Brazilian is already on 92 minutes, delicately took it and brought the Pitmen a victory with the account 2:3!

Champions League. Group F. 5-th round

Hoffenheim – Shakhtar – 2:3 (2:2)

Goals: Kramarik, 17, Zuber, 40, Salai, 59 – Ismaily, 13, Tyson, 15, 90+2.

Removal: Salai, 59.

The miner continues to struggle for a place in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Now “miners” on December 12 in Ukraine need to win in Lyon.

"За то, что происходит с Донецком": легенда Шахтера отказался ехать в Россию

As reported by the portal Znayu Bavaria defeated Benfica and saved Kovac from retirement.


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