For the dr. Julien Gambier of the university hospital of Nîmes : “everyone can stop smoking”


Pour le dr Julien Gambier du CHU de Nîmes : "Tout le monde peut arrêter de fumer"

Pour le dr Julien Gambier du CHU de Nîmes : "Tout le monde peut arrêter de fumer"

Dr. Gambier : “The cigarette at a lower risk does not exist. ”

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Health, Nîmes

This physician addiction of the university hospital gave advice to end with tobacco.

Acetone, arsenic, ammonia, mercury, nicotine… The cigarette that contains more than 1,000 toxic substances 70 000 deaths per year. On the occasion of the operation “Month without tobacco”, dr. Julien Gambier, addictologue at the CHU of Nîmes, made the observation that damage of this addiction, and given the tracks to bring a permanent end to the cigarette.

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“Me(s) without tobacco” what is it ?

A transaction’s annual place in the month of November to encourage smokers to quit. On 27 November, a fan zone is planned in front of the station of Nîmes. A free kit is available from pharmacists, ask your doctor or on the site of Tobacco info service. An application and the 3989 can also help the smoker. On the 400 000 registered in 2016, 80 000 have stopped smoking.

1. The risks of tobacco

Tobacco causes, we know of many diseases : “chronic bronchitis, cancer of the lung, bladder, throat, mouth, all violations of vascular, myocardial, arterial leg, STROKE. We are not all equal before the risk of disease.”

2. Pesticides as dangerous as tobacco ?

“Of course, there are a lot of tapages compared to that. But the problem with smoking is that it is pollution voluntary. The smoker will be poisoned a lot more than during peaks of pollution.”

3. The risks are the same for small and large smokers ?

“The cigarette at a lower risk, it does not exist. Small drinks cause risk of disease equivalent to consumption. On the other hand, everyone can quit smoking.”

4. Ways to stop smoking

“Several methods : consult a addictologue that will be the point on the level of nicotine dependence and behavioral dependence. Acupuncture, hypnosis work. Therapies cognitive behavioral are currently the most effective. Champix is shown to have a finger to its side effects, and is again prescribed and reimbursed in the last year. When to patches and chewing gum, it is 20 % efficient. The patch is not a miracle cure, it will not remove the desire to smoke. Behavioral dependence, that is the main problem.”

5. For the right moment to stop

“The smoker has a tendency to say that this is never the time. And actually this is never the day. The perfect time to stop there. Careful not to always push the decision to stop.”

6. All these positive changes after smoking cessation

“The risk of relapse diminishes after a month. Immediately, rapid improvements occur in terms of form, breath, taste and smell.”

And the electronic cigarette ?

“Part of the air, ideally it should not have anything else in the lungs” starts the doctor Gambier before you qualify and clarify that “it may be a good tool to avoid the risk


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