Football : “Montpellier is not yet cleat”, according to Gaëtan Laborde


Football : "Montpellier n’est pas encore au taquet", selon Gaëtan Laborde

“I don’t want this to be a simple happening,” says Gaëtan Laborde.

The MHSC can still do better and also that, far from being euphoric, Gaëtan Laborde is not being satisfied. This Saturday (20 h), Montpellier and his best striker go to Angers at the 13th day of Ligue 1.

Six goals in the last six days, nominated for the title of best player of L1 in October… are you currently Living the best period of your career ?

I don’t know. In any case, this is my best start of the season. But not just on the stat, even at the level of the game I have the impression of progress and this is very important to me.

You give the feeling of being able to attempt any gesture and to be able to succeed…

I’m in a good period but not in the euphoria. Keep this level the whole season, this would be really top. I know that there will be ups and downs. But I don’t want this to be a simple pastime.

Is it that you get out of ambitions, the team of France for example ?

(smile) Any player has the ultimate objective to be in the France team, to play in the champions League. Today, I feel that I am progressing and it is continuing as I toucherai may be that of the finger.

How do you explain this dynamic ?

I think it comes from the fact to chain the matches. It was a moment that I’m not not happened. The only time it was at Red Star (L2, ready in 2013-14), Clermont (L2, ready in 2016) and the second part of season in Bordeaux two years ago (season 2016-17). This continuity is important.

Michel Der Zakarian spoke last week to a club, an environment where Andy Delort and you have found a balance. Do you agree with this ?

Of course the context is very favourable. It is in a cocoon, it has immediately been put in trust by positive speech, the fact that the team is behind us. With Andy, too, has been supportive from the beginning, we get on very well. This alchemy helps us.

The first time we met, it was understood that it was going to match. We knew already, more or less, to be crossed on the field. This prospect of playing with Andy I liked, one finds oneself in the mentality, we can count on each other on the ground.

With Andy (Delort), the first time we met, it was understood that it was going to match

Were you come to an age, a moment in your career where you had to cut the cord with your club trainer, Bordeaux ?

In Bordeaux, I always had this label of the young person from the centre. It is almost impossible to remove it there. So, it was time for me to take my flight. I was taxed by finishing top scorer and leads the team at the end of the season 2016-17.

But what is regrettable is that then they didn’t let me the chance to continue. We’re not going to rehash the past. I am very grateful to Bordeaux.

Until where can go to Montpellier ?

We are going to try to go as high as possible, the balance of the team is top, it really has a super mentality. But it is only a third of the season. What feels, is that we can still make progress, whether in the use of the ball, in the time management strengths/weaknesses, even in the defensive efficacy. It is not yet cleat.

The fact that, like you, several of your teammates come out of contrasting experiences, “he explains,” the desire of this team ?

When you pass by times really complicated, you have this feeling of revenge. This is what makes me say that we’re not going to let it go. When you have known it, believe me, you do not want to return. So you give everything on the field. And then, next, there are players with experience that are going to crop, if they feel that it goes wrong. You have all the cards in hands.


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