Football : Béziers wants to continue to travel to the Red Star

Football : Béziers veut continuer de voyager au Red Star

Atassi and his partners are doing better at moving than at home.

The ASB will attempt to impose itself at the Red Star this Friday night (20 h) during the 14th day of Ligue 2, in a match already important for the maintenance.

The AS Béziers cultivates its difference in many areas, its ratio of home-to-outside is one of them. For example, last season in League 2, more than 46 % of the teams receiving at home if were imposed against only 30 % of wins to the outside.

If these statistical considerations hold for the majority of the training and to the delight of lovers of sports betting, the promoted héraultais decided to be against the current. Because if they have accepted this it is best in this championship (Metz, Lens and Lorient), the Biterrois are not taxed on their south lawn of the Mediterranean (two draws and two defeats), despite the content often very interesting.

The teams

Red Star : Shower – Sy – Htc – Tomas – Ferreira – Derrien – Donisa – Economic – Mfulu – Sao – Faucher.

AS Beziers : Marillat – Savannah – Atassi – Sidibe – Taillan – Mostefa – Andor – Kante – Beusnard – Nouri – Sissoko.

Conversely, the SBA says since the beginning of the season as one of the best teams in the league at the outside. During the first thirteen days of League 2, les Héraultais were, in fact, moved eight times for four wins, including two during the last three visits. A success that can be particularly explained by the style of the game biterrois, often very direct and very quick in the transition phases.

The victory in le Havre (2-3), last October, is a perfect example. The SBA had fully negotiated the phases of the counters, taking advantage particularly of the speed of its attacking players and the many spaces that offer the matches to the outside. For Laurent Solsona, assistant coach héraultais, such performance is justified also by the mental faculties of its players.

“The group lives so well that when we go out of our earth biterroise and that one is between us, a force emerges. It is difficult to explain because it is necessary to be inside to understand, but it is the reality. The players are hungry, the collective lives together. It is this that has allowed us to have such results out of our bases.”

A very big blow to

As luck would have it, this is a new direct competitor for the maintenance that will have to confront the Biterrois in Beauvais, the mythical stade Bauer is not registered. In the event of success in the face of the men of Faruk Hadzibegic, currently 19es, the teammates of captain Atassi could make a very big score and put their opponents to eight points.

“We don’t put it in the head. It is useless to put additional pressure. As much as the reverse, the Red Star may return to two points of us. What is certain is that we will go with the ambition not to lose and take the points, without projecting them on anything”, says Laurent Solsona. If they will always be deprived of Novaes, Aabid, Rherras or Ramalingom, the Biterrois will be able to count on the valuable feedback of Sissoko and Nouri.

The last time these two players have been lined up for entry, it was outside, on the lawn of Ajaccio. I’ll let you guess the winner.


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