Flew to the bumper and did a somersault: the Audi driver got acquainted with the ice, photo and details of “cold” accidents

Вылетел в отбойник и сделал сальто: водитель Audi познакомился с гололедом, фото и детали "холодного" ДТП

Ice and frost make adjustments in the plans of the racers. So, the Audi from Cherkassy rooms at the 40th kilometer of Zhytomyr highway (Kyiv – Chop) at high speed flew off the road and rolled onto the roof.

This became known thanks to Ukrainian media reports.

Вылетел в отбойник и сделал сальто: водитель Audi познакомился с гололедом, фото и детали "холодного" ДТП

“The driver of the Audi check in Cherkasy region went off the road and overturned a car on the roof. Only by miracle there were no serious injuries. In the car were three adults and two children”, – journalists report.

It is worth Recalling that terrible plane crash shocked residents of Florida. So, as a result of the crash of a light plane on the building that houses the therapy center for children with autism, two people were killed. This became known thanks to the message of the American TV channel NBC6.

According to journalists, the accident occurred in the night of 1 to 2 December. Both victims were passengers of the plane. The fire Department reported that after the crash the building caught fire that was quickly contained. Eight adults and five children were evacuated, they were not injured.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that on Saturday, December 1, in Kiev there was a terrible accident in which the victims were urgently admitted to the hospital. It is now known that Hyundai at high speed drove into an electrosupport. Eyewitnesses said that the car was moving at a speed of about 100 km per hour. However, the ice on the road and heavy snow, which greatly reduced visibility was the main cause of the accident. It is known that the car abruptly began to demolish the roadway, several times turned and struck back at the lamppost.

It is noted that the inside of the car besides the driver were two passengers. In result of road accident the girl with injuries of the spine, and men with broken finger was urgently hospitalized.

We will remind, in Russia derailed a train with tanks: details you shake.

As reported Znayu leave cancelled: snow-storms paralyzed airports, planes are locked, what to do.

Also Znayu wrote, the plane crashed directly on the heads of the citizens, neighborhoods on fire, many wounded and killed, shocked even the rescuers.


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