Flew into a ditch and overturned: a trip on the bus was fatal, on a place rescuers work

Вылетела в кювет и перевернулась: поездка на маршрутке стала фатальной, на месте работают спасатели

On the track “Berdyansk-Vasylivka” that near Kiev, overturned bus full of passengers – several people were injured.

As reported the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations, the bus “Berdyansk-Zaporizhia” flew into a ditch, and then overturned due to weather conditions. The bus drove 8 people.

Вылетела в кювет и перевернулась: поездка на маршрутке стала фатальной, на месте работают спасатели

Bus Zaporozhye

As a result of incident 31-year-old woman injured her visor “fast” the Rest of the people did not require medical assistance. The minibus was upturned by rescuers and towed on the road.

Recall, a hell of Snow triggered the first accident, crazy car from the impact of an electrosupport torn to pieces

On Saturday, December 1, in Kiev there was a terrible accident in which the victims were urgently admitted to the hospital.

This is reported by the media.

It is now known that Hyundai at high speed drove into an electrosupport.

Eyewitnesses said that the car was moving at a speed of about 100 km on Golino. However, the ice on the road and heavy snow, which greatly reduced visibility was the main cause of the accident. It is known that the car abruptly began to demolish the roadway, several times turned and struck back at the lamppost.

As previously reported, “Znayu” All a familiar song: cops hit a girl, guess who is to blame

In Vinnytsia there was a terrible accident. It is known that the official car of the city police Skoda Octavia, at the wheel which was the employee of regional Department of the patrol police, hit on 16-year-old girl who was crossing the road on the unregulated pedestrian crossing.

This became known thanks to the message a press-services of the National police in the Vinnitsa region.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that Flew to the bumper and did a somersault: the Audi driver got acquainted with the ice, photo and details of “cold” accidents

Ice and frost make adjustments in the plans of the racers. So, the Audi from Cherkassy rooms at the 40th kilometer of Zhytomyr highway (Kyiv – Chop) at high speed flew off the road and rolled onto the roof.

This became known thanks to Ukrainian media reports.


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