Fell to his knees and quietly crawled: prank a little boy amused the Queen

Упал на колени и тихо отполз: шалость маленького мальчика рассмешила королеву

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton

Solemn visit of Queen Elizabeth II to a children’s charity remember the funny behavior of the young Briton.

The Network has a funny video in which a 9 year old boy was so amazed to see the Queen fell to her knees and crawled away from her. The video of the event drew the attention of the Telegraph.

Elizabeth II came to visit in England’s oldest charity center Thomas Karama located in London. The Queen arrived at the opening of the center for children named in her honor.

In the Center met her 102-year-old Edward Newton (Edward Newton), which is the oldest of all the inhabitants of the orphanage, founded by Korama and demolished in 1926, where and opened a new facility.

During the visit of the Queen, David and Carrie Grant (David and Carrie Grant) – famous singers and TV presenters working on the talent show Fame Academy, was presented the Queen Elizabeth II his nine-year-old adopted son Nathan (Nathan). He was so shy, got up on his knees and behind parents went into the next room, where he shouted: “PA-PA!”

All present laugh, the child’s reaction. The Queen is also understood to trick the boy and laughed along with all of the fun act of the child.

Упал на колени и тихо отполз: шалость маленького мальчика рассмешила королеву

After this, Elizabeth II has talked to other guests and not only adults.

Eight-year-old Lewis, who also attended the meeting with his foster parents, asked Elizabeth II to name a favorite country that she visited. But the Queen did not single out any one country, answering a little curious Briton: “These countries are so many that I can’t choose one.”

In conclusion, the Queen helped the children to decorate the Christmas tree.

Queen Elizabeth II has ruled successfully for 60 years. During this time it managed to establish itself as a flawless model of ideal social behavior. However, kings can do everything, sometimes even to break the rules.

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As reported by the portal Know.ia, at Windsor castle set luxury Christmas tree.

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