“Fat frantic”: Vera Brezhnev went as an angel, but pissed off fans

"От жира бесится": Вера Брежнева нарядилась ангелом, но разозлила поклонников

Vera Brezhneva

Famous Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva, who is actively building a career in Russia and is the wife of popular music producer Konstantin Meladze, who actively leads his page in Instagram and indulges fans with new photos. So, this time the artist was pleased subscribers a new photo, which poses in the form of an angel, and wrote a long sentimental post.

In pictures Faith posing in a white outfit decorated with feathers and wings. On her head a white wig an unnatural hair on the face, bright makeup and a strange expression. Despite the fact that Brezhnev was dressed as an angel, her dress is quite daring neckline. In the caption, the actress said about hospice caring and asked fans to donate money to her Fund.

“I thought, I have no surprise. But I heard a story about a hospice Rostokino — berry smoothies, pastries, volunteer from volunteers and walks with patients in an Apple garden, where at the end of the day, the guard of the hospice, Gennady, suddenly pulled out of his cubicle saxophone. And played jazz. “Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helps”. And then I found out that Lyudmila — the cloakroom in the Centre of palliative care — have feature. She carefully sews the buttonholes on outerwear for all visitors, where they are broken. Can you imagine? Come to a medical facility, rent out a jacket in the closet. In the evening, before leaving, get your coat back and find that you’re taken care of. Lyudmila, incidentally, makes it not the first year. I think, well, a trifle — loop. But such touching detail and assembled like a puzzle in the comfort of hospice care”, signed photograph of Brezhnev and said that people could donate money to her Fund.

Recall that Brezhnev’s daughter switched. Fans noticed that the mother and daughter more like sisters.

Previously portal “Znayu” he reported that Brezhnev in latex forced to shiver any.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Brezhnev in a transparent outfit showed that she is not a woman.


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