Facebook has created a virtual cinema: how it works

Facebook создал виртуальный кинотеатр: как это работает

Facebook announced the full launch of a new feature called Watch Party that allows you to watch replays of the videos. Thus, social network users can simultaneously watch a common videos as in the cinema.

Facebook создал виртуальный кинотеатр: как это работает

Now, any user can invite friends and together with them to watch favorite movie, music video or any other video. And to create a sense of presence in the General chat you can post comments and share their impressions.

The process of creating the “party” is quite simple, and every user of Facebook will be able to deal with it.

It will also be possible to schedule a “picture show” for a certain time, notifying friends, and simultaneously stream that will be displayed in the window in the corner. A fairly new feature, but whether it is popular – is unknown. In addition to friends to screenings, you can invite other users of the social network, to attract a new audience, or other moviegoers.

Facebook создал виртуальный кинотеатр: как это работает

Recall that Samsung has been for many years working to improve the native shell Android for their smartphones. And this time overdone. The camera function now remembers the last settings, and to switch to photo or video mode, you press a few buttons, which complicates the whole process in principle.

Earlier Znayu reported that before the release of game consoles from Sony has a lot of time, prototype Sony PlayStation 5 into the hands of journalists. In addition to the updated appearance, the new device has received and improved the stuffing. Now, even the most demanding games can run at maximum quality settings. By the way, the device will cost only $ 500.

Znayu wrote that Google Maps now has received several improvements. It is worth noting the presence of feedback, which always help with the choice of institutions in order to brighten up a weekend afternoon. Now reviews can be found at the hashtag that you are interested in.


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