Experts have called the most happy names for girls: parents should listen

Эксперты назвали самые счастливые имена для девочек: родителям стоит прислушаться

Choosing a name for girls – perhaps the most important moment for the newborn daughter, for on his choice depends its fate. Experts named the most happy names for girls.

Эксперты назвали самые счастливые имена для девочек: родителям стоит прислушаться


Little Sonya differ beauty and incredible energy, they also have no problems in school. They love creativity and success, so would be happy to visit a couple of groups or sections, not forgetting the study.

The name has the softness and incredible power, allowing you to give the girl femininity, sweetness and a bright character, coupled with the incredible sociability.

Arina are soft, they are also sweet and touching, with a rare composure.

Quite popular today name. At first glance Kiera may seem cold and arrogant, self-confident, but in reality she is sensitive, kind and very vulnerable nature. Besides, Kira straight in the region of truth: he says what he thinks.

The name is clean and very popular, being one of the most favorite of many. Anna has such traits as kindness and femininity, and agile mind, the possession of an excellent memory and vivid creative ideas. Anna also has a strong intuition, excellent judge of people, but sometimes not against to bet on hot topics.

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In the future, 2019, the most relevant will be a coral color PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral. This was announced by the representatives of the Pantone color Institute.

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