EXCLUSIVE – the Legacy of Johnny : “Vartan pulls the strings,” says André Boudou

EXCLUSIF - Héritage de Johnny : "Vartan tire les ficelles", confie André Boudou

André Boudou to the Amnésia.

“They wanted to play the show-biz paris against the slobs”, explains to Midi Libre, the father of Laeticia Hallyday, which points to the role played by the singer Sylvie Vartan in the strategy put in place to challenge the will and testament of Johnny. André Boudou leaves emerge also his concern for his daughter, casting a very critical eye on Sébastien Farran, former manager of Johnny that the second today. Extracts.

Not a word of Laeticia Hallyday, on TF1 and RTL, for the father who was shown as the attention of the media these last few months. Not a picture of him from the great black gate of Marnes-la-Coquette, at the moment when she met his relatives, including his mother Frances Thibaut and his grand-mother Elyette, the so-called Grandmother Rock, landed in the department of Hérault to accompany her back in the house the last flicker of life with Johnny.

“Beware, they are preparing something”

André Boudou has remained, until now, invisible. Erased from the sequence of media accompanying the release of the album posthumous the rocker on the 19th of October.
The father of Laeticia Hallyday shuns the light, but gives glimpses of his concern for his daughter, because, he explains to Midi Libre, the profile of Sébastien Farran, who accompanies him today in the management of after Johnny. “I think that I will see my daughter when there will be more Farran (*)”, he says. “I think it’s set up against me.”

André Boudou returns in the course of its exchanges with Midi Free in recent weeks, the battle engaged around the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, delivering this confidence explosive : after the funeral of the singer, ” he explains, an artist said to me, “Sylvie Vartan is in the process of bringing together all the world to Los Angeles, beware, they are preparing something”.

“It is Vartan (*) who pulls the strings”, he says. The business man has evil lived on. “They wanted to play the show-biz paris against the slobs, analysis-t-it. I am an airline pilot, commander of my boat, I’ve won rallies, and created a big business in the United States, the most important actors in the world are my friends and for people like Besnehard (Dominique, producer, editor’s Note), I’m a redneck !”

“Johnny knew what he was doing”

“Johnny knew what he was doing with the inheritance. It could have been more courageous in making a video to explain his choice to his children, but he has the facts in conscience, ensures André Boudou. He has been courageous in his fight against the disease. He remained standing until the end.”

The father of Laeticia asserts that he was “not aware of the provisions of the inheritance”. “I had taken a step back for the past four years,” he recalls. But we loved with Johnny. We spent the whole winter for rogue, while I have done it good to Johnny. I have straightened out its affairs. The faucets were so open that it was easy to close them up a little, I’ve even tried to close it completely. Johnny turned back to financial health thanks to me, I helped him friendly. After there are two or three things on which we disagreed, I told him to stop, this is not possible.”

“Low hand on Johnny”

The case, Johnny has become a phenomenon of publishing. The books are published in waterfalls. After “Laeticia the true story” published on 12 October by Plon under the pen of Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle, place, including, now, the long-awaited “low Hand on Johnny,” the 14 November editions of The Archipelago. Journalists Armel Mehani and Sébastien Catroux explore the bottom of the imbroglio and media-judicial of the year.

The image of Laeticia fictionalized ?

The departure to Switzerland of Johnny, the Universal, the involvement of André Boudou with the tax authorities : the matter of dispute potential between the two men were not, up to about Laeticia Hallyday on his youth in the harsh (and its installation 13 years in Miami to cure his father’s depression), somewhat romancées by his daughter to believe Andre Boudou. “The truth is that she needed to create an image, compared to Johnny who was himself created an image. He was not born in the street Johnny” gliding one that remains, however, the first lawyer of his daughter.

(*) Solicited by Midi Libre, Sébastien Farran and Sylvie Vartan did not wish, at this stage, express themselves.

The entire article is found in the Midi editing Free paper, this Sunday in booths.

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