[EXCLUSIVE] André Boudou says that she “pulls the strings” : Sylvie Vartan reacts in Midi Libre

[EXCLUSIF] André Boudou affirme qu'elle "tire les ficelles" : Sylvie Vartan réagit dans Midi Libre

The singer Sylvie Vartan, Johnny was the first love, granted an interview to Midi Libre.

“Ah good ! First new”, reacts including an icon of the “yéyé”. The mother of David Hallyday, also considers that “it is up to the justice of the proceedings” in the matter of the inheritance Hallyday, at a time when Laeticia says it is ready to make concessions to reach an agreement with the two elders of the star, the underprivileged.

The little phrase ofAndré Boudou has not gone unnoticed, Sunday, October 28, in Midi Free. In the battle to contest the will and testament of Johnny, said the father of Laeticia Hallyday, “this is Sylvie Vartan, who pulls the strings”. “Ah good ! First new,” responds Sylvie Vartan in an interview published this Tuesday in Midi Free.

“Mr. Boudou does not know me”

“I do not know Mr. Boudou personally, I don’t think that he knows me so I have nothing to say about it. You say a lot of things and its contrary, then it hit me nothing,” adds the singer, claiming that it does not interfere with the legacy of Johnny Hallyday.

Asked about the concessions that Laeticia Hallyday was willing to do, on TF1, toward the two elders of Johnny Hallyday, in order to reach an amicable agreement, the former wife of the idol of the young, however, considers that “it is up to the justice of the proceedings”.

“I don’t want to listen to the album from Johnny”

Singer, fashion icon of the “yéyé”, still has not listened to thealbum posthumous Johnny. She says : “Honestly, I don’t have the heart to do it. It has done so much things together, travelled the country, the world, sang all the two, I know so much detail of his voice that it is hard for me to ignore what vehicle this disc, that is to say the last”.

“Posthumous in addition, what is this word ? It’s awful, ” she continues. This is me ice. I don’t want to listen to. I don’t have the courage to do it, I will maybe in some time, but like that, hot, it is impossible”.

His reaction to the success of the album posthumous

But she is pleased with the success record of the last disc of Johnny : “I’m very happy to see how much people love Johnny and are faithful to what it was”, react.

Sylvie Vartan also evokes Johnny with emotion Midi Free and is faced with the recent statements of Laeticia Hallyday. An exclusive interview to discover, in its entirety, on Tuesday, in the paper edition of Midi Libre.

Currently on tour, Sylvie Vartan will occur on the 10 of November on the stage of the Corum of Montpellier, in a show that, in addition to his own songs, will include a tribute to Johnny, her first love. It will also pay tribute with an album of covers of songs of Johnny, “With you”, expected at the end of November.

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