Elephants have evolved to spite the person, the tusks will not get the poachers

Слоны эволюционировали назло человеку: бивни больше не достанутся браконьерам

African elephants can no longer grow tusks – if used without them were born 2-3% of the population, now the number of animals with this disease is one third, reports National Geographic.

The researchers blame the poachers. Despite rigid prohibitions, Asian and African countries continue to trade in tusks and powder of them – people use them for magical healing purposes.

Слоны эволюционировали назло человеку: бивни больше не достанутся браконьерам

“Poaching of elephants is having a strong impact not only from the point of view numbers, but from the point of view of evolution,” says James Poole, an expert in working with these animals. According to him, over the last 20 years of the 200 females from South Africa, under supervision, 98% have not grown tusks.

For researchers, the absence of tusks affects not only the lives of elephants, but also on the ecosystem as a whole, for nature is closely linked. At the moment, scientists continue to research along with the observations.

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