Eiffel tower closed

Эйфелеву башню закрывают

Because of the mass protests of the “yellow jackets” one of the main attractions of the French capital will be closed to visitors on Saturday, December 8.

This was reported in the official Twitter account of the Eiffel tower.

“Because of the demonstrations in Paris I will be closed to the public on Saturday, December 8.” – “said” the Eiffel tower.

Эйфелеву башню закрывают

Also, the police of the French capital recommends to close the museums and other attractions. Especially such cultural sites as the Paris Opera and the Grand Palace.

Law enforcement agencies recommend you to pay attention to the message and the shops in the centre of Paris. Due to the possible growth of violence, they may also be at risk.

The main cause of mass protests and demonstrations has been a sharp increase in fuel prices. In addition, the French demand to reduce taxes and to raise the minimum wage.

As “arguments” the protesters used the barricades, broke Windows, burned cars and even clashed with riot police.

We will remind, earlier mass protests escalated into a real war: hundreds of detainees in the course went stones and favorite toys Putin. The protesters are against the increase in fuel prices.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” the protesters in the capital set fire to the Bank and destroy the machines, many wounded and arrested, contracted by the police. Protesters oppose government policies.

Also “Znayu” wrote that the government imposes a state of emergency, residents of the capital will feel it first. The initiative proposed in order to prevent recurrence of riots.

And yet, the terrorist, the burglar locked himself in the apartment and threatened to kill his own mother, they had to use special forces. Cops were able to expose the criminal, thanks to his previous crime.


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