Dozens of motorists are full, drive 1 km and fall down

Des dizaines d'automobilistes font le plein, roulent 1 km et tombent en panne

A full tank of diesel diluted with water…

The service station has promised to reimburse the repairs that would be carried out by automobilitses a result of this incident.

This is not a conspiracy fomented by Emmanuel Macron and his government in the fight against the consumption of diesel, but a mishap to dozens of motorists.

They have traveled a mile before they fail.

In fact, a few days ago, dozens of vehicles have fallen down to Manosque in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, after having done the full… And all had taken their diesel to the same place in the service station Hyper U, according to our colleagues from The Provence.

Failure to repeat

A a troubling coincidence that was able to be unravelled, thanks to the mechanics around that have found the fault to repeat : they realized that the water was in the place of diesel.

Repairs supported

According to our colleagues at La Provence, Hyper U would be committed to repay the repairs due to the incident that has still not been completely identified : expertise will still take place.


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