Dozens of children almost died because of the collapse of the school roof

Десятки детей едва не погибли из-за обвала крыши в школе

At school No. 4, which is located in Vyshneve town of Kyiv region, the roof had collapsed. The reason for this was a heavy snowfall. None of the students and staff were not injured.

The incident occurred today, December 1, about 12 hours, according to the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations.

Десятки детей едва не погибли из-за обвала крыши в школе

Collapsed roof of the sports complex “Favorite Fit” which did not survive the snow layer. This building is located on the territory of school No. 4. Only recently it was put into operation. Sports complex worked for only nine months.

Cherry collapsed the roof of the school gym

Geplaatst door the Informant Kiev op Zaterdag 1 december 2018

Indoor sports hall there were 30 children and 1 coach, who heard strange sounds and led children to the street. After fifteen minutes of roof and roof fell into the room.

To eliminate the consequences involved 14 rescuers. At the scene are representatives of the city Council of Cherry. A police spokesman Nikolai Zhukovich said that this fact is already entered in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations.

“We will check, how built sports facility and has complied with all necessary building regulations”, – he stressed.

Десятки детей едва не погибли из-за обвала крыши в школе

Now the building is the Commission that assesses the damage.

Recall that Brovary of Kyiv region Department of children’s hospital of collapsed masonry.

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