Doctors have questioned the harmlessness of drugs against cholesterol

Медики усомнились в безобидности препаратов против холестерина

The harm of taking statins may outweigh the alleged benefits of drugs that reduce cholesterol levels.

Researchers from the University of Zurich assessed the appropriate risks for men and women in different age groups and have come to this unpleasant conclusion, reports the Daily Mail.

Медики усомнились в безобидности препаратов против холестерина

Although the drugs reduce the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, the medical community has developed a sceptical attitude towards them because of their potential side effects.

In the study, doctors from Switzerland used the QRISK tool for the assessment of individual risk of death from cardiovascular disease for each of the patients-volunteers.

The calculator calculates several risk factors to identify the probability of attack in the next ten years. Including age, BMI, place of residence and other medical conditions.

If you have a risk of 10% or higher, you most likely should take statins, according to most health systems, but experts believe that, perhaps, is the low value.

Медики усомнились в безобидности препаратов против холестерина

However, researchers from Switzerland found that the harm exceeds the advantages for as long as the threshold levels of risk of developing cardiovascular disease will not be much higher.

For example, for men aged 70 to 75 years who have not had a heart attack or problems with blood vessels, the benefits do not outweigh the harm, while the risk did not exceed 21 %.

It should be noted that statins have serious side effects: diabetes, hepatitis, pancreatitis, blurred vision, cause problems with memory and fatigue.

However, if they appoint only individuals with a high risk, then millions of people eligible for help will remain without the necessary medicines.

Leading experts urge caution in relation to the obtained results, stating that there is no need to change clinical practice.

Медики усомнились в безобидности препаратов против холестерина

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