Doctor Who : season 12 with or without Jodie Whittaker ? The actress confides

Doctor Who : une saison 12 avec ou sans Jodie Whittaker ? L'actrice se confie

Doctor Who : season 12 with or without Jodie Whittaker ? The actress responds

Season 11 of Doctor Who is still not complete, but the fans have already turned the head towards season 12. The reason for this ? Rumors have recently implied that Jodie Whittaker could soon leave the series. Info or intox ? The actress responds.

A few weeks ago, we learned that Chris Chibnall – the new showrunner of Doctor Who, would threaten to leave the series, due to working conditions that are deemed too complicated, and that he could take with him Jodie Whittaker, the interpreter of Thirteen. Mere rumors ? If the actress is not back on the shooting conditions obviously problematic, it has nevertheless agreed to speak of her future in fiction to the Hollywood Reporter. And you will see, it is reassuring.

Jodie Whittaker on the left ?

During his interview with the famous american media, the actress has stated that they do not want to emulate Christopher Eccleston (Nine) and leave after a single season. On the contrary, she would have fun a lot too on the series for imagine dropping today : “I am really looking forward to come back and get back to work. It is a role so amazing. Until then, it was an amazing adventure and I do not feel ready to hand“.

A confession that is reassuring for the fans who do will not go away during the special episode waited for the new year, but also for the BBC. After all, confirming his presence for the future season 12, Jodie Whittaker leaves the time to the channel and the producers to find him a(e) substitute(e) in the case, of course, where it would really go then because of his schedule.


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