Dmitry Komarov: biography and the secret of success supervideo

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Mosquito travels

Dmitry Komarov – one of the most famous leading Ukraine. Recognized travel journalist, author, extreme adventurer and photographer – even the present secular lion. In Ukraine, he has collected many titles and awards, including such glamorous as the most beautiful man of Ukraine from “Viva! The most beautiful-2017”. But not a fun one: Dmitri uses his popularity for charitable purposes, collecting money for treatment of seriously ill children. What is interesting, and perhaps provocative facts carries his biography and the secret of such success?

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Mosquitoes are in full growth

Height, weight, parameters of the figure

Dmitry Konstantinovich was born on 17 June 1983 in Kiev. Zodiac sign he is Gemini, and it means windy creative nature, aspirations which can change like the weather in spring. It is therefore not surprising that about girlfriends and love legends, but the public still don’t know who Komarov is found.

With the growth of 180 centimeters, he consistently kept the weight about 77 pounds.

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Mosquitoes in my youth


Dmitry was born in the days of the Soviet Union in a simple and typical for the family of workers. His parents to this day remain modest, non-public people. Dima was the first one, he still has a brother and a sister. How he remembers Mosquitoes in the 90 years his family had a hard time, like most families in Ukraine. But, despite financial difficulties, the family remained warm, friendly and happy atmosphere. The most important thing in life is love.

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего



The whole biography of Dmitry Komarov from the outset connected with the journalist activities. Writing talent and desire for knowledge of the world through its analysis (word, journalistic inclinations) Dmitry appeared in the phenomenally early age. Imagine this student to start writing articles for magazines/Newspapers still in primary school!

And in 17 years when the majority becomes only a question of choice of profession, Mosquitoes have already worked in the famous Kiev edition. Then as a graduate, became editor of “Telenedelya” and enthusiastically brought to the “literary” perfection materials this weekly.

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Mosquitoes in life


Having a job immediately after graduation, however, was not the reason in order to abandon his studies. Strange, but Dmitry did not in any linguistic-philological UNIVERSITY and began to study at National transport University. In his student years, he manifested extraordinary literary activity. In addition to the official work, “Telenedelya”, Mosquitoes were published in the prestigious magazines like “Playboy” and “EGO”.

But not a glamorous one: the further he was drawn in more serious social issues. So spirited boy became a special correspondent of the newspaper “Izvestia in Ukraine”, later – “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. And it’s still up to the 3rd course. Then he to all these lessons added another and parallel training on core journalism faculty of the Kiev University of culture and arts. So that the famous TV presenter has two diploma seemingly conflicting engineering and PR (specialist in public relations).

Given the frenzied activity in the young guy’s time and entertainment. Then, and manifested his passion for travelling. In their “Hiking” Mosquitoes preferred the most unpopular tourist places. He was always interested in distant exotic destinations: the tiny village, small town, meeting the local people, their culture, and the knowledge of the present, not pictorial color. Besides, such trips Dima went in complete solitude. In his opinion, the only way you can really delve into unfamiliar places and to feel their spirit. Both then and now, its mascot all the roads yellow-blue flag of Ukraine.

While traveling a young man, like any other tourist, I made a lot of photos. But it just somehow turned out not to make banal images, and to create a holistic reporting “from the scene”. Already at the initial stages of a career traveler Mosquitoes could present more exhibitions about various far and hidden from the usual tourist countries. So, among the important works may be called his exhibition 2005-year dedicated to Africa. It includes rare footage from Tanzania and Kenya. In 2007 he presented the exhibition entitled “Nepal. Year 2064”. And 2009 the year was marked by the exhibition “Industry”, which depicts the great untrodden paths of India. It has become particularly relevant. After all, during a trip to India Komarov (only at that time of all photographers in the world) were allowed to capture the process of cremation on the banks of the river Ganges.

That trip was notable not only for it. 90 days the young man traveled 20 thousand kilometers. And this trip received a place of honor in the Book of records of Ukraine. In a word, amazing and enjoyable hobby Komarov logically resulted in his life’s work. Over time, he began to take a video camera instead of the camera – so the idea of the program, which subsequently did Komarov recognizable journalist. The idea was to show people not known the beauty of the world and original stories about the wild tribes in remote corners of the planet, exotic animals, amazing rituals and customs of the deep. In the end it’s a TV show called “the World inside out”. On big screens it premiered in 2001-m to year on the TV channel “1+1”. Then in the first release through his story, the audience was brought Cambodia to our real life. Here Cambodians eat tarantulas (which, incidentally, are poisonous), seems to be the way of life of a tribe of ex-cannibals, as well as opening the doors of the local brothels.

Next was no less successful a number of stories about the colors of India. Later, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya, Cuba, Bolivia, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil and many others. etc. And that there are incredible shows-adventures with Dimitri Komarov in Nepal, Kazakhstan and Japan! In these programs sincere the presenter told the Ukrainian audience about the most “uncivilized” places countries, showed people with odd professions and the brightest culture! During filming, he climbed Everest and was in the earthquake at 5 and a half points and many other extreme situations. Often viewers have to suffer even for his life.

To say that the transfer was quickly a success, to say nothing. “The world inside out” won the hearts and minds of the audience, and the runaway entered the tops of the ratings of the channel.

Everything went so well and successfully that in 2015, the year Dmitry Komarov said in the Book of records of Ukraine. And the award was called “the largest number of tourist programs, which captured a minimum crew”. Imagine all the Mosquitoes expedition went only only in the company of the operator.

Despite the tough schedule and the frantic busyness, alone travelling, Dmitry Komarov, it seems, is not going to be limited. Recently, in 2017, he participated in the popular dance show “dancing with the stars”. Then the producers picked him to partner the perfect girl – Oleksandr Kucherenko, the winner of the title Miss Ukraine 2016. During live broadcasts viewers can see your favorite TV host in a new role – as artistic dancer chic images. On the shiny floor and he’s dancing the Rumba, tango, Samba, and Paso Doble, and more. . Despite its modest success in the development of PA and striking awkwardness, the audience stubbornly refused to let go of Komarov – were saved from relegation astounding number of votes contrary to the opinion of the jury. And his messengers on Facebook and Instagram just exploded with words of support!.. Who knows: maybe in the end he would have become a winner on “Dancing” last year, if not himself nobly refused to participate in the project at some stage. Has almost reach the final, Dima decided to leave the show, losing to a more talented and deserving, in his opinion, party. But beautiful things didn’t end! All the money that was raised for the sent message in support of it, he asked the leadership of the program to transfer to the Charity Foundation for children with cancer.

Further – more Mosquitoes developing its activities in other areas. In 2018, the year he talked about the fact that soon the world will see he has written a book. Of course, it will be dedicated to travel topics and is full of the most practical and useful information for future travelers: photos, recipes, tips from professionals, and advice on exotic routes. Dmitry is so ambitious that in its announcement even advised its students to an alternative textbook on geography. Is so once the lesson: turn to the book of Dmitry Komarov?..

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Mosquitoes with a fan

Personal life

At the moment Dmitry Komarov 35 years and can say that he’s a confirmed bachelor. Still he never was married. Children? Either. He never goes out with his girls, and even not yet talking about plans to start a family. The young man believes that it is more important to be wholly given to his show and profession. Moreover, it is not possible to build a strong serious relationship because of their prolonged and very frequent travel, constant amusement. Well, it seems that Mosquitoes Holy dedication to Supe a single passion – the passion study of unusual countries and getting to know the world inside out. And the public seems to be really passionately interested in only one question: when are Mosquitoes getting married?

Once in an interview, he admitted that, though lonely, but, nevertheless, susceptible and emotional. However, even these sensitive qualities do not allow him to tamper with love relationships. He’s like a sailor, could be in each port to have a sweetheart. But such short-term affair for the broadcaster – a taboo. But on the serious, in-depth novels he simply has no time. And besides, Ukrainian women, do not lose hope! Foreign exotic beauties, he prefers girls. After all, with full confidence, declares that he has not seen in various parts of the Earth, and in Ukraine, still the most beautiful girl. In addition, the media traveler finds that the difference of cultures and mentalities are not conducive to creating a strong harmonious family. After all, marriages do not hold on passion, love and euphoria, but on common interests, experiences and Outlook on life. Therefore, your future beloved Camaro sees only as a girl that grew up on the same cartoons and fairy tales; read the same books that he; absorbed with mother’s milk the same values and concepts in the perception of the world. The basis of a serious relationship for Komarov is deep, sincere communication.

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Mosquitoes in the journey

Interesting facts/rumors

Mosquitoes in monosyllables and very reserved answers all questions about his personal life. But one day, he openly spoke about this in his Instagram. In honor of the silver wedding anniversary of parents is a leading shared archive photos of their wedding. Congratulating mom and dad a memorable date, Dima paid attention its subscribers to the fact that their marriage was not in early. Father got married at 35, and my mother – in 27. That’s practically retirement age for a first marriage in the Soviet times! “Precisely because even in those days the future Komarov did not pay attention to the patterns of a society, and quietly searched for their soul mate – their family has turned out harmonious and happy” – to such conclusion comes Dmitry in his message. Also in the comments of the presenter poignantly notices that people have no shelf life, and hence there is no right age for certain actions/deeds/events.

Dmitry Komarov actively involved in charity work. In the near future plans to create its own Fund to support sick children. At the moment he became the leader of the campaign “Cup of coffee”. Within its framework, he is campaigning to transfer the money we normally spend on everyday things like extra cups of coffee in the glamorous cafe, to help those in need. Also, jointly with Andre tan, he created the project “the World inside out”, which sells toys for charitable purposes.

Dmitry Komarov gradually starts acting … During one of the expeditions he played in the Japanese music video for local women’s groups. The clip presents it as a foreign journalist from overseas incendiary music started hardcore dancing.


Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Mosquitoes in childhood

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Mosquito “dancing with the stars”

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Mosquitoes: extreme selfie

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Parents Komarova

Дмитрий Комаров: биография и секрет успеха суперведущего

Mosquitoes charity



Recently Dmitry has told, than will surprise in the new season of “the World inside out”

And we also reported about the horrific incident with his expedition

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