Did not appreciate the humor: Kozlovsky justified for a photo “in a coffin”

Не оценили юмора: Козловский оправдался за фото "в гробу"

Vitaly Kozlovsky

Famous Ukrainian singer and showman Vitaly Kozlovsky, who in the spring of disgraced with their performance in Russia, has published a new photo in the signature to which was written a long post with excuses for the previous publication.

The fact that the day before Vitaly Kozlovsky published in his controversial Instagram photo on which poses in the bathroom, hiding behind the flowers. And, ahead of comments by the haters, said that it’s a bath, not a coffin. Although, I must say that the coffin is and looks like. Kozlowski is lying in a bathtub, surrounded by red, white and orange roses of different varieties and languidly looking at the camera. Next in the corner bath is a baby duck that was apparently in shock from being left in the lurch.

Realizing that fans did not appreciate such shocking antics, the artist decided to explain to followers and published a new post has already been more modest. In the pictures Vitaly posing near the water in a black coat, which looks more like a Bathrobe. Geolocation for imagery suggests that it was made in Amsterdam. In the caption to the photo Kozlovsky justified for their trick.

“In a coffin. A lot of people responded that way in my previous post. Why? Imagination is the beginning of the creation. We imagine what we want and finally create what we wish. Because so live, that the mountain of flowers goes only at parting. A kind word, forgiveness is limitless, do understand that nothing is more precious than loved ones, often comes to us only when we send someone to another world. Is this correct? No, of course! Let’s learn to appreciate each other and support others while all are alive and well. But still, many friends with a sense of humor and just told or saw a brightly colored photo: I’m for positive! Especially when in difficult country or on the soul. The Blues never saves. People, eliminate negative emotions, for example, sports, or feed a hungry kitten, call family or colleagues and tell them something good, check that they have got better. Charge each other good! It is now important to All… have a good Sunday!”, signed photograph of artist.

Recall, exhibitionist Kozlowski relapsed.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Kozlowski presented a new video.

Also, the portal “Znayu” I wrote that barefoot Kozlowski decided something prirastit.


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