Desperate fan attached to child explosives for the sake of your favorite club: video

Отчаянная фанатка прикрепила к ребенку взрывчатку ради любимого клуба: видео

The Internet has become a popular video in which a fan of Argentine river Plate tried to carry on the monumental stadium pyrotechnics.

For this purpose she used the baby to which was attached the flares and hid them under his shirt. Police identified the woman thanks to the clock that was on her arm.

The match river plate – Boca juniors has been postponed due to the riots before the game. The first match ended in a draw 2:2.

Riots in Argentina

On Saturday, November 24, in Buenos Aires was to be held the second leg of the final of the Copa Libertadores (Champions League of South America) between clubs from the capital of Argentina river plate and Boca juniors. But before the match, riots broke out after fans of river Plate threw stones at the bus with the players of Boca juniors and used them against pepper gas.

Bus Boca juniors came under attack by fans of river Plate, when driving up to the stadium “monumental Antonio Vespucci liberty” in Buenos Aires. The fans pelted the bus with stones, smashed the Windows. During the attack suffered by the captain of the team Pablo Perez, who a shard of glass in your eye.

Journalist Mootaz Chehade in his Twitter showed what it looks like after the attack, Perez. He also posted a video of what was happening in the bus Boca juniors.

Against the ultras, police used tear gas, injuring players, including the famous striker Carlos Tevez.

Despite the fact that a number of Boca players were ready to take the field, decided to postpone the game until at least Sunday.

Отчаянная фанатка прикрепила к ребенку взрывчатку ради любимого клуба: видео

Отчаянная фанатка прикрепила к ребенку взрывчатку ради любимого клуба: видео

Note that the long-standing enemies of the Argentine Boca juniors and river plate for the first time in the history of the Copa Libertadores played each other in the final.

The President of Boca juniors, Daniel Angelici has informed the head of CONMEBOL Alejandro Dominguez that his team doesn’t want to play a match on the “Monumental”. In turn, the organization has no plans to postpone the match to another stage.

It is reported that the second leg is still to be held on November 25. The meeting will begin at 22:00.

Note that in the first final match, held at field of the Boca juniors (also in Buenos Aires) 11 November, was a draw – 2:2.

Boca juniors is one of the most titled participants of the tournament, Copa Libertadores, he has won it six times. Most of all, the tournament was subjected to another Argentine club, Independiente, seven times. On account of the three river plate won the Copa Libertadores. The current winner – Brazilian Gremio.

Boca juniors and river plate is always distinguished by the very strained relationship between the fans.

As reported by the portal Znayu Carlos Tevez clashed with cops for the sake of the fan.


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