Dentures do not need: scientists have found a way to grow limbs

Протезы не понадобятся: ученые нашли способ выращивать конечности

It’s hard to believe but it’s true. Maybe soon there will be no need for artificial prostheses and scientists will learn to grow human limbs. And it’s not fiction. Experts from the Biological laboratory of the island of mount desert has discovered a gene regeneration, thereby giving the lizard grows a tail and other animals “they are patching” the wounds. This is better than just tissue healing – scientists say that thus it will be possible to create new limbs.

Sequencing technology has enabled researchers to closely study the genome of organisms that can regenerate. As a result, all kinds of experimental creatures were found common genetic mechanisms.

Proceeding from the fact that over 430 million years ago for all living things had common ancestor, the scientists made a loud statement: to find and awaken the “gene of regeneration” can be in person. Now scientists have how to activate dormant properties in the human body.

The study showed the sites of this DNA play an important role in the formation of the blastema, which represents a population of cells accumulating in the wound after the amputation. As a result, it promotes the restoration of lost limbs in some animals.

Experts suggest that these processes also has a great influence the network of regular molecules of RNA. They are probably the reason that tissue regeneration in humans is not so active. However, the impact on them can help to save people’s limbs.

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