Decided the stadium where the national team of Ukraine will clash with European Champions

Определился стадион, на котором сборная Украины сразится с чемпионами Европы

Became known, the town in which Ukraine’s national team will begin struggle for an exit for Euro 2020.

On March 22, the team of Andrey Shevchenko will play against Portugal. With the current champion of Europe, the Ukrainians will compete in the Lisbon stadium “Yes Luz”. Beginning of the meeting scheduled for 21:45 Kyiv time.

“Da Luz” holds up to 65 400 seats and includes 25 of the biggest arenas in Europe. According to the criteria of UEFA’s arena has 4 stars.

Определился стадион, на котором сборная Украины сразится с чемпионами Европы

Except Portugal in group b of the Ukrainian national team will play with the players from Serbia, Lithuania and Luxembourg.

Bonus for the national team of Ukraine in the League of Nations

The national team of Ukraine finished the group stage of the League of Nations with the second rating in the League V. the Above command Andriy Shevchenko is located only the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This means that the semifinal match Ukrainian team will hold at the home stadium.

Two more winners of their groups in our division that went to the playoffs, were the national teams of Denmark and Sweden. They occupied the third and fourth place in the overall ranking.

Определился стадион, на котором сборная Украины сразится с чемпионами Европы

Note that the playoffs of the League of Nations consists of two consisting of one semi-finals (first against fourth and second against third teams) and finals (venue will be determined by a draw). The winner of the playoffs will receive a ticket for Euro 2020.

The national team of Ukraine will play in the playoffs of the League of Nations only in case, if you fail to qualify for the 2020 European championship. The draw for the qualifications will take place on 2 December. From each qualifying group for Euro will be 2 teams.

If someone from the group winners of the League of Nations already qualified for the Euro in the qualifying round, his place in the play-offs will be awarded to the next best team in the division. If the League does not reach the necessary four teams, the vacant place will be teams from the divisions below, based on the total ranking in the League of Nations.

Shevchenko after the match Turkey – Ukraine (0:0)

Head coach of Ukrainian football Andriy Shevchenko made a comment after the friendly match with the national team of Turkey (0:0).

“The youth had an Epiphany. So I’m very happy, especially the first half. The first half was just gorgeous. In the second half, played the role field is not of very good quality. Yes, and Turkey mobilized in the second half played a bit sharper. I am pleased with the debutants, who came out, happy with the team. Not enough scoring a goal.

Определился стадион, на котором сборная Украины сразится с чемпионами Европы

The main thing — not result, and the quality of the game national team of Ukraine. We had 7-8 players U-21, who recently played for the youth team. Even if it’s a friendly match, we understand the motivation of the Turks. At home they always play aggressive. The guys coped with the task.

Today I liked the control, the ideas they tried to move on the football field, the quality of the gear. Not enough complete. There were many prerequisites for good development of the attacks. Overall — very good.

Определился стадион, на котором сборная Украины сразится с чемпионами Европы

Pressure? Youth is power, these powers should be used. The guys have already loaded. They should not be charged additionally.

I think the year for the team to be very successful. We have raised the game introduced a lot of young players. The last two games gave us the chance to play without pressure for the outcome.

Определился стадион, на котором сборная Украины сразится с чемпионами Европы

The guys managed. We hope that our key players will recover. I wish Yarmolenko and Marlos a speedy recovery. We are waiting for them. Will soon go for the draw, where we find out our opponents in qualification for Euro 2020. Our youth proved that she has potential. We are very pleased,” said Shevchenko, the TV channel “Football 2”.

The Match Slovakia – Ukraine

In the framework of the League of Nations in Trnava played national teams of Slovakia and Ukraine.

After the first half the home team led the score 2:0. Both goals were scored after mistakes Ukraine’s goalkeeper Denis Boyko.

The episode with the first conceded a goal from albert Rusnak to the Ukrainian goalkeeper claims may be not very many, because there had to be a ricochet.

But the moment the second goal of the national team of Ukraine Denys Boiko will be even hard to criticize, as it has not fixed the ball in his hands after a simple kick from Juraj Kutski.

Early in the second half, the Ukrainians managed to win after brilliant goals by Yevhen Konoplyanka. Eugene was shot on the volley into the top corner of the goal Martin’s Dubravka.

But the Slovaks after 5 minutes, again scored a goal. This time the gate Denys Boiko struck Adam filigree Trelak after the blow to the heel.

Then, on 61 minutes, Robert Mak magnificent strike made the score 4:1.

The Ukrainian team had a chance to play, but shots from Taras Stepanenko, Oleksandr Zinchenko and our other players were ineffective. Interestingly, at the end of the match Viktor Tsygankov struck the crossbar, but the goal.

The match ended with the score 4:1 in favor of the national team of Ukraine and is the biggest defeat of Andriy Shevchenko for the post of chief coach of “yellow-blue”.

The League Of Nations

Slovakia – Ukraine – 4:1 (2:0)

Goals: Rusnak, 6, Kucka, 26, Tralac, 52, Mack, 61 – Linnet, 47.

As reported by the portal Znayu player of the national team of Ukraine played the song and broke up the network.


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