Debate on the sport in the face of cancer : relive the exchanges with specialists

Débat sur le sport face au cancer : revivez les échanges avec les spécialistes

A tray of fly high around the prevention of the recurrence of the cancer.

The Foundation ARC, in partnership with Midi Libre, offers an “Appointment Search” to connect researchers and the public. The program, on Wednesday, the “Sport in the face of cancer” in the presence of guests of renown. Relive the debates.

Develop the most effective prevention to reduce the risk of cancers, enhance the effectiveness and tolerance of anti-cancer treatments, reduce the incidence of recurrence after treatment and prevent the health problems associated with the disease or anti-cancer treatments… so many issues addressed by the science strategy of the Foundation ARC.

The development of interventions for cancer patients to promote the practice of physical activity, sports, or adapted such that it is developed by the teams of the cancer Institute of Montpellier (ICM) and those of the Hospital of Timone in Marseille, is part of these research priorities in prevention.

The Foundation CRA wishes to provide the public with concrete answers on this major issue of cancer research : the evaluation of the benefit of practicing a physical or sporting activity suitable for cancer patients.

Personalities of the medical world

Take this Wednesday night the word : Grégory Ninot, professor at the University of Montpellier, director of Platform university CEPS, co-director of a research team of the laboratory Epsylon ; Dr Pierre Senesse, physician coordinator of the department of supportive care and head of the unit of clinical nutrition and gastroenterology of the Institut régional du cancer de Montpellier (ICM) Val d Aurelle and Dr. Arnauld Verschuur of the department of hematology and pediatric oncology of the Hospital of la Timone (AP-HM), Marseille, who is a specialist in the care of children with cancer. Olivier Biscaye, managing editor of Midi Free, anime this conference.


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