Death is not a reason not to give birth: the surprising discovery scientists

Смерть - не повод не рожать: удивительное открытие учёных

Brazilian scientists report the unique case of the birth of the child using the uterus of a dead woman. On the parous received from a dead donor. Such an event is recorded for the first time in the history of mankind.

It is reported portal “N+1”.

Approximately ten percent of the men and women of reproductive age are unable to have a baby. The main reason for that is the infertility of one or both partners.

Смерть - не повод не рожать: удивительное открытие учёных

According to statistics, one in 500 of these cases is associated with a damaged or missing uterus. The reasons may be different: as a congenital malformation and an acquired disease.

Often women with such problems receive suggestions about adoption or even surrogacy.

However, medicine is developing. Today we know of several cases where the woman managed to give birth with a transplanted uterus.

But before donor organs became the only living female.

In 2016 in Brazil, the 32-year-old patient was transplanted into the uterus of a dead 45-year-old woman. The donor was a mother of three children during his lifetime, and died of a stroke.

Craftsmen from the University of Sao Paulo took about 10 hours for such an operation.

Using the first procedure of in vitro fertilization a woman pregnant. At week 36, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl by caesarean section.

During childbirth, “non-native” have a hysterectomy in order to avoid risks.

The first experience of the uterus transplant was reported in 2000 in Saudi Arabia. Then this has not led to pregnancy. For the first time the birth of a child with “non-native” of the uterus was registered in 2013 in Sweden. Today history has more than 10 successful cases.

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