Daughter of Kurt Cobain recorded the original song, it’ll make you cry

Дочь Курта Кобейна записала авторскую песню, это заставит вас плакать

The daughter of an American turned Kurt Cobain started writing songs. Video her song as she tweeted and Instagram.

Frances Bean Cobain – daughter of the famous singer and composer Kurt Cobain and his sweetheart Courtney Love. She is engaged in different fields of activity. The girl dabbled in journalism, he painted, and even worked as a model. Previously Francis sang old country and folk songs, but she recently shared with fans of the original composition.

Дочь Курта Кобейна записала авторскую песню, это заставит вас плакать

Song Frances Cobain still has no name, it begins with the words: “No one told me how I should love myself”. Critics and audiences have noted that this is a significant step forward in comparison with the fact that Kurt’s daughter did earlier.

“Good,” “the Voice of an angel”, “Real daddy’s girl,” written by the fans of the girls in the comments under the video. By the way, Frances Cobain already has 1 million followers on Instagram. She pleases his fans a new video of his songs under a guitar.

Prior to this it was reported that Frances Bean Cobain is planning to release his debut music album. One of those who supported her decision to make singing his profession, was the soloist of Smashing Pumpkins Billy Coogan.

Francis’s father Kurt Cobain was the singer of the popular group “the Nirvana”. He ended his life by committing suicide in his house in Seattle. The last time she saw her father when she was not yet two years old. In 2015, Francis was the producer of the documentary film “Kurt Cobain: the devil’s cut”, dedicated to the musician.

Recall that the ex-husband of the daughter of the legendary musicians Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain, said that the mother resorted to desperate measures to return the famous guitar soloist of the cult group Nirvana.

In addition Знай.UA wrote that Nirvana will reunite, finding a replacement for Cobain to the position of soloist.

Also Знай.UA reported that the curse of Kurt Cobain touched his family.


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