Daughter, Jackie Chan played a gay wedding: a tender photo of two brides

Дочь Джеки Чана сыграла лесбийскую свадьбу: нежные фото двух невест

The Jackie Chan daughter Etta, Jolin this year admitted to the world in his homosexual orientation. Recently, she made a proposal to his girlfriend, the canadian model Andy Autumn. Lovers legalize their relationship after months of wandering. Daughter Chan published online touching photo from the ceremony of marriage, which she wife dressed in white outfits.

It is worth noting between Etta At Joline and Andy Autumn more than ten years difference in age. The daughter of a famous actor for 18 years, and her spouse of over 30 years. In the media there is a perception that Chan kicked the daughter out of the house, as he could not accept her sexual orientation. As the Internet became frequent rumors that such provocative behaviour Etta, Jolin just trying to get media attention and become popular in the future to surpass his father.

Дочь Джеки Чана сыграла лесбийскую свадьбу: нежные фото двух невест

Etta, Joline and Andy Autumn

Now a famous stuntman and actor Jackie Chan is 64 years old, but he continues to perform difficult stunts. He has a son born in lawful wedlock, and daughter, Etta, Joline that appeared outside of marriage, but the education which he never did.

Recall that the network has a video on how the legendary actor kicked the daughter out on the street. The reason is astounding.

As previously reported Znayu British model Chloe Khan showed a sexy photo in pink latex.

Also Znayu wrote about the fact that another European country has introduced criminal penalties for homophobia and transphobia.


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