Dangerous tick-borne infection will be treated with essential oils

Опасную клещевую инфекцию будут лечить эфирными маслами

Garlic oil and some herbs are able to defeat the agents of Lyme disease.

To such conclusion researchers from the School of public health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg after studying the influence of components included in various plants, the symptoms of Lyme disease, reports Science Daily.

Опасную клещевую инфекцию будут лечить эфирными маслами

Scientists tested 35 essential oils. Researchers found that extracts from garlic, cloves, myrrh, thyme leaves, cinnamon, nuts, peanuts and seeds cumin, demonstrate strong activity against slow-growing “persistent” forms of the Lyme disease bacteria.

Previously conducted research by the same team of scientists showed that essential oils of oregano, cinnamon bark, clove Bud, citronella, and Wintergreen are much more effectively inhibit bacteria Lyme than daptomycin — champion among the tested pharmaceuticals.

Опасную клещевую инфекцию будут лечить эфирными маслами

In the new study, Professor Zhang Ying (Ying Zhang) and his team analyzed 35 other essential oils and has revealed the top ten plants that effectively destroys bacteria at a concentration only one part in a thousand.

In particular, oil was obtained from garlic bulbs, berries, carnations, stems of myrrh, ginger Lily blossoms. Essences have overcome the bacteria for seven days.

Oil from the leaves of the thyme, caraway seeds and wood, amyris turned out to be no less effective than cinnamaldehyde is the main fragrant component of the oil of cinnamon bark.

Laboratory tests represent an earlier stage of research, but Zhang and his colleagues hope in the near future to continue the study of essential oils by means of tests on live animals, including tests on mouse models with stable borreliosis.

If these tests are successful, and effective doses will be safe, Zhang hopes to explore the effect of oils on people.

Most often, Lyme disease is transmitted from ticks in the warm seasons. The incubation period lasts from one to three weeks. Lyme disease is characterized by appearance of red spots on the skin, or erythema migrans, fatigue, dizziness, fever, pain in muscles and joints.

If the disease is not treated early it becomes a chronic condition, which has a serious strain on the body and can even lead to disability.

Опасную клещевую инфекцию будут лечить эфирными маслами

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