Dadju wants to stop the music in 5 years : “I prefer to leave rather than being told to clear”

Dadju stops the music in 5 years ? “I prefer to leave rather than being told to clear”

The career of Dadju is at the top at the moment and fans of the singer are still hoping to hear for a long time, songs like “Bob Marley”, “Django” and “Queen”. Well, they are likely to be disappointed to learn that the brother of Master Gims plans to stop the music in the next five years : discover its secrets !

If some know Dadju since the time of The Shin Sekaï, others have discovered with the song “Queen” released in 2017: it is this title that has been truly explode the solo career of the singer. Solo career he enjoys today with his album certified diamond disk “Gentleman 2.0”, consisting of the songs “Bob Marley”, “in love” with Maître Gims, “Django”, “Under control” with Niska and “Lioness”, and its reissue.

“I don’t want to be here in 10 years doing my 7th album”

All smiles so Dadju, but did you know that the artist, who does not wish to disclose his profession to her daughter, has already planned the end of his career ? As he revealed in the show” Africa I love you on France 24, he plans to quit music in… 5 years : “It is because I love the music that I make, this is not because I have to do it. But if I have the opportunity to stop, if I can, I think I would stop. I don’t want to be there in 10 years, 15 years, doing my 7th album, 8th album, I do not see the interest (…) I prefer to leave rather than being told to release.” #Sadness !

“I want to travel with my children”

Dadju then explains : “When I say I’m going to stop, I’m talking about the middle of the music, I’m not even going to write for people. I’ll stop everything.” But the interpreter of “No theme” does he already have a plan B ? “Retirement”, he says, before adding : “I want to travel with my children, I want to do a lot of things. There, I work thoroughly, but if I can stop to 35 years of age… of course, handle other business. I can see myself investing in any other business that will bring me back the money because the money it goes fast.” Hope he changes his mind !


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